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This Stainless Steel Bottle Lets You Make Your Own Alkaline Water

* This bottle turns any water into alkaline water
* Benefits include enhanced hydration and better metabolism
* No more expensive alkaline water from the market

Alkaline water (a.k.a. ionized water) has recently become a trend with health geeks and athletes alike, as it can help balance your body’s system, provide enhanced hydration, and optimize your metabolism. It’s also easy to work into a daily routine, because you’re just drinking water (I.e. no pills to take here). However, getting alkaline water from a store can be a hassle, and it’s very pricey. But there’s finally a solution: this DYLN alkaline water bottle.

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Image courtesy of DYLN

The crowd-funded water bottle allows you to make your own alkaline water wherever you are (no more trips to the store to buy expensive bottled alkaline water). It works with a replaceable VitaBead diffuser that revitalizes tap or normal bottled water to create alkaline water that’s safe – and convenient – to drink. Each diffuser lasts up to 400 refills (up to 300 liters) No plasticky aftertaste or weird smells either  just healthy and refreshing alkaline water.

The bottle is made of a chic high grade stainless steel and features a bamboo and stainless steel cap. It’s lightweight and portable, and holds up to daily use and commute too. Don’t worry about dropping it – it’s super durable. It also fits into most car cup holders, side pockets of backpacks or your bike’s water bottle holder. The bottle is available in half a dozen colors and makes a great gift too.

At $46, the DYLN bottle is pricier than your average department store water bottle, but it’ll save you a ton of money in the long run. If you’re buying bottled alkaline water at the market, you’re spending around $2 a bottle, and that’s almost $80 a week. Switching to the DYLN bottle will save money, and make it more convenient to drink alkaline water whenever and wherever. The company says by customers using the DYLN reusable bottle, they’ve also helped to reduce the use of more than 88 million plastic bottles. That’s a win for your health – and the environment.

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