Urban Acrobats: The 6 Things You Need To Get Started With Parkour

how to parkour
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* Get in shape with this DIY mind-body workout that helps you stay youthful
* Parkour is a fun mix of climbing, acrobatics and Tetris (really)
* Because running in place indoors is for hamsters

Not just for YouTubers and French firefighters anymore, Parkour is one of the best overall DIY fitness routines, as well as possibly the world’s most ironic sport. Since it engages the mind as well as the body it helps keep you feeling and functioning as well as looking more youthful: mixing mental problem-solving with exercise has been shown to have long-lasting benefits on neurological health.

It’s also one of the best toning and weight loss regimens on the planet. So if you’re looking for a more adventurous way to get in shape this spring, skip the elliptical and go climb on stuff.

You don’t need to be a former superhero or have access to synthetic Wakandan herbs to get started. Sensible shoes do help though. Here you can find sensible Parkour sneakers that still have some style, along with five more of the best ways to get started with Parkour.

1. Parkour Dice

These Parkour dice help inspire a creative training session; challenge yourself and friends to perform the movements called for with each roll. Versatile and largely self-explanatory, they can be done with walls, rails or flat ground.

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2. Precision Parkour Shoes

Anyone who’s tried to do Parkour-like movements in their oxfords or loafers can attest to the fact that the first bit of gear to consider is a good pair of comfortable, grippy shoes. These lightweight Parkour shoes have a cool old-school running shoe style and grippy, wide soles to help you nail your footwork and stick landings.

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3. PK Tactical Parkour/ Freerunning Leg Bag

After a good pair of shoes, the next thing you need for Parkour training is probably a good carryall bag for your keys, wallet and gear. This low-profile running belt stays out of the way yet has enough space for a wallet, compact and even a go-pro camera. And unlike a back-pack, it won’t get crushed on rolling landings.

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4. Parkour Sweatpants

JNCO Jeans may be gone, but if you’re looking for some wide, free-moving pants in the classic French traceur style you’re in luck with these original Parkour pants from Take Flight. Durable and machine-washable, they make great pajamas too.

Parkour Pants Courtesy Amazon


5. Precisions Parkour Gloves

While not strictly a necessity to get started, these specially-designed Parkour gloves do give you an edge–no pun intended–when you want to challenge yourself with walls, ledges and railings. Especially if you train in an urban setting or public park, they help keep your hands from getting all dusty and grimy, while still being thin enough and sticky enough to offer good grip.

Parkour gloves Courtesy Amazon


6. Gibson Training Box

This modular training box is a great jumping off point for at-home Parkour training. It’s easy to set up and helps you practice jumps, vaults and more. Strongly constructed yet lightweight and versatile, it works even in small spaces.

gibson parkour box Courtesy Amazon

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