How to Protect Yourself From Ticks This Summer

how to protect against ticks
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* Tickborne illnesses like Lyme and Heartland disease are rising in the U.S. 
* Protect yourself and your pets with these tools
* Safely make your outdoor gear and tents tick repellent

Lyme Disease is on the rise these days, and with warming temperatures comes increased exposure to ticks carrying the disease. It’s something to watch out for if you’re hiking, climbing or taking your dog for a stroll in nature: the CDC reports that the number of tick-borne disease cases has more than doubled in the last thirteen years with rates increasing. While one response might be to never go outside and just ensconce yourself in virtual reality instead, there are ways to stay safe from ticks while still enjoying the sublime beauty of nature. Here are six ways to help protect yourself (and your pets) from ticks.

1. Tick Removal Plier

Even if a tick bites you or your pet, the likelihood of it transmitting an infection goes way down if it’s removed promptly. This specialty plier has a built-in magnifying glass to help identify ticks, and it works on people as well as on furry friends. Safer than using a knife or ordinary tweezers, it removes the whole tick and captures it on removal. A must have if summer time strolls turn you into a ticked-off amateur entomologist.

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2. Sawyer Products 30% DEET Insect Repellent Lotion

This 30% DEET insect repellent makes you significantly less attractive to mosquitos, fleas and ticks alike. It’s odorless and non-staining, so it won’t make you any less attractive to your fellow humans. Unless we’re talking about Jeff Goldblum’s memorable character in The Fly, in which case we’re not too sure.

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3. Sawyer Products Clothing Insect Repellent

This Permethrin-based insect repellent makes clothing, gear and tent canvass safely repellent to mosquito and tick visitors. The 12-oz bottle sprays on like Febreeze and contains enough to anti-tick two entire outfits.

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4. InsectGuard Permethrin-Treated Gaiters

These pre-treated insect repellent gaiters or sleeves provide an effective barrier for wrists or ankles against ticks. They also make a fine ‘80s /goth / club kid fashion accessory.

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5. Anti-Tick Wool Socks

These anti-tick socks provide a somewhat more subtle form of outdoor foot protection. The Oeko-Tex certified socks are lifetime treated with Permethrin and made of durable Merino wool.

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6. Insect Repellent Pants

For the ultimate in tick and bug repulsion, try these Rynoskin total insect repellent stretch pants . Yes, ticks are technically not insects, but these work well on arachnids like ticks too.

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