Keep Calm and Breathe On: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Meditation

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* Stress is an inevitable fact of everyday life
* Meditation techniques are a great way to reduce stress
* Buddha boards, meditation headbands, books and more 

Stress is (unfortunately) an inevitable part of life. While we can’t avoid stress and anxiety altogether, we can help better manage it on a daily basis. Meditation and mindfulness can be great ways to help manage stress and help you relax. We’ve rounded up the ultimate SPY guide to help you keep calm, even when it feels like everything around you is anything but zen.


Stress-Reducing Buddha Board


Whether you’re an over-worked employee or simply looking to find a new way to relax and live in the moment, The Original Buddha Board is just what you need to melt the stress away while tapping into your creative side. Get more detail in link below.

The Original Buddha Board by Buddha Board Image courtesy of Amazon

The Art of Serenity: Get a Buddha Board and Paint Your Stress Away


Muse Headband


Are you looking for an advanced way to meditate and really get to that level of mindfulness you desire? Going to a meditation class isn’t always enough for some people, and if that’s the case for you, you’ll want to read on about this specialty headband. The Muse Headband is here to give you what you’ve been wanting to get out of meditation. Find out how it works in the link below.

Muse Headband Image courtesy of Amazon

Take Your Meditation Routine To The Future With A Brain Sensing Headband


Best Books For Your Meditation Practice


It seems everyone and their grandmother is starting a meditation practice these days. If you too want to learn the benefits of a more mindful life, pick up a few of these beginner’s guides we’ve rounded up in the link below. They’ll help you learn basic meditation techniques as well as the science and spiritual backing for why it works.

Meditation for Beginners Image courtesy of Amazon

Relaxation Research: The 7 Best Books For Your Meditation Practice


Best Ways to Reclaim Your Calm


Sometimes the buzz of modern life can get a bit loud, with emails, texts, work and family all vying for our attention. So how to regroup and reclaim a little calm through all this? We created a list with nine ways to encourage a little more tranquility in your hectic urban life.

Zen Stones Image courtesy of Petco

City Zen: 9 Ways to Grab a Moment of Tranquility in Your Hectic Urban Life


Best Ways to Meditate


The art of meditation can often sound like an intimidating prospect. Whether you feel you have no time or you just don’t believe that relaxation and peace can be found without the aid of sun, sea and sand, it really doesn’t hurt to try a short meditation practice each day. These six beginner items are an ideal way to get you on the path to a daily unwind.

Headspace Meditation App Image courtesy of Headspace

Deep State: 6 Ways to Meditate and Reclaim Your Attention Span


Create a Meditation Space at Home


Whether work is getting hectic, or you just need to hit the mental re-set button, we have the perfect tools you need to create a zen-space at home in the story below. The best part: we’ve rounded up five items that work for both advanced practitioners and beginners alike. Think of these five things as your “start up” kit to establishing a regular meditation space and routine.

Sura Flow Yoga Guided Meditation DVD Image courtesy of Amazon

SPY Guide: How to Set Up Your Meditation Space at Home


Get Started With Meditation


What better time to start a meditation practice than right now. To help you along your journey, we have a found a few helpful items that can explain what meditation is, why it’s so important, help guide you through a session and keep you comfortable and calm during one. Continue reading in the link below to get started now.

JD Gems Chakra Stones Image courtesy of Amazon

SPY Guide: How to Get Started With Meditation