What Ails You: The Ultimate SPY Guide to Treating Common Health Problems

Common Health Problems
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* From acne to allergies, we’ve put together a list of our best health roundups
* All natural remedies and over-the-counter treatments
* Put your health first this year

With flu season just around the corner, fall is often the time when we start taking our health and immunity seriously. Regardless of the season, it’s always important to make our health a top priority. We’ve rounded up a comprehensive guide to help you address a wide range of health concerns, from adult acne, to the common cold, to hangovers.


Adult acne can be irritating, but it’s unfortunately a part of life. Fortunately, SPY has sourced a list of essential products that work to both prevent and treat acne. Step by step, this list includes cleansers, face masks, exfoliating brushes and medicated concealer, to ensure you’re covered at all stages of the treatment process.

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Spring is the season commonly linked to worsened allergies, but if you actually suffer from chronic allergies or allergic asthma, you know that the fall can be equally as tough on your symptoms, depending what you’re allergic to and where you live. Check our guide to getting rid of common indoor allergens that are likely looming in your home.

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The A-word gets thrown around a lot these days, from “Pillowtalk” singer Zayn canceling his tour due to anxiety, to former NBA first-rounder Royce White, whose anxiety disorder was blamed for his steep decline. Find out the difference between anxiety and nervousness and different ways that you can combat both without medication in this helpful guide.

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Bad Breath

It’s reported that 14-25% of Americans suffer from chronic bad breath. Whether it was the onion bagel you had at lunch or sinusitis, in this guide to fresh breath, we offer you eight helpful ways to make sure you never have an embarrassing halitosis hit again.

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Bad Posture

If you’re having trouble training yourself to sit up straight on your own, there are several relatively affordable options to help you correct it gradually. Read our full list of ways to correct bad posture.


Back Pain

Why have good posture? It looks better, your clothes hang as they should, and it puts less strain on your spine, which can relieve back pain. If you need some assistance, we’ve found seven products that will help train you into having better posture in no time.

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Bug Bites

Resist the urge to scratch and try these remedies instead. While it may serve up some temporary relief, it’ll further the inflammation and leave it vulnerable to infection and delay healing time, especially if the skin becomes broken. Before you scratch that itch, try any one of these 5 ways to treat your bug bites and ease the irritation.

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Chronic Muscle Pain & Fatigue

Unfortunately, little is known about the cause of fibromyalgia, a disease that causes debilitating muscle pain and fatigue. However, doctors say more than five million American adults have been diagnosed with the disease. We’ve rounded up a few books that have helped those suffering from the disease find relief. Please note that we are not doctors. You should seek professional medical advice before starting a new treatment plan.

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Cold & Flu

Nothing slows you down more than the common cold. Trying to get through the day or sleep through the night with a hacking cough, stuffed up nose and sinus headache can be a challenge. Feel something coming on? Here are 9 easy hacks to fight the common cold.

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Treating eczema – a skin condition that causes red, itchy, flaky skin – can be tricky, time-consuming and altogether exhausting. Anyone who suffers from this skin condition can tell you how hard it is to find a product that will provide more than just temporary relief. Here are six effective and easy-to-use over-the-counter remedies that offer instant relief and quench dry skin.

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Gut Health

There are an estimated 40 trillion bacteria (aka microbiota) living in the human body and because your gut and brain tend to work in tandem, it’s probably in your best interest to feed said bacteria with the right kind of nourishment. In this article, we outline five supplements to help you improve gut health.

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It happens to the best of us: One drink leads to two, then another two. . . and before you know it you’re waking up to a headache, dry mouth and waves of nausea that just won’t quit. Check out our nine hangover hacks to recover the morning after a night of overindulgence, sure to have you on the mend fast.

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Are you a light sleeper? Does the faintest noise or sliver of light prevent you from getting the deep sleep you need? Whether you suffer from occasional insomnia or have consistently loud neighbors that wake you up through the night, take a look our suggestions to help you sleep better.

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Nail Biting

Whether it’s a nervous habit, or an absent minded habit you’ve had since you were a kid, nail biting is a hard problem to kick. We’ve sourced eight great products to get you closer to those long, healthy nails you’ve always envied on your friends. Check them out below.

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Whether you suffer from the occasional sinus pressure when your allergies go haywire, or have chronic sinusitis, sinus symptoms can do more than just make you feel miserable physically–they can also impact your professional and personal life. While many cases of sinusitis requires a visit to the doctor, we’ve rounded up a list of ways to help you manage the symptoms with a few simple tools and hacks.

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Whether it’s you or your significant other, no one loves the sound of snoring. So rather than driving people to ear plugs or spare rooms, check out our guide with eight methods to help keep nights a little quieter.

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Seasonal Depression

As many as 1 in 7 Americans suffer from the “winter blues,” which is believed to be caused by a lack of exposure to natural sunlight. It’s not just in the wintertime either. Rainy weather, overcast skies and “June gloom” contribute as well, and you could even experience moodiness if you’re unable to spend time outside, or there are not enough windows in your office. We found a mood lamp that may help reduce symptoms related to the Winter Blues. Check it out below.

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It can be quite alarming the first time you discover a wart. No matter where on your body, what feels like something simple can often grow into an unsightly bump. Fortunately, many times these unsightly bumps can be safely treated with over-the-counter products. Check out our suggestions below.

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