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Here’s Why Eucalyptus Oil Is The New Sanitizing Solution

* Eucalyptus oil boasts antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties
* It’s now being utilized in sanitizing agents for its antimicrobial properties
* Sanitizing treatment options include gels and wipes

For years, many of the benefits of eucalyptus oil have been well known and utilized in the health industry. From easing the symptoms of colds and improving air quality to relieving joint and muscle pain, there are plenty of reasons to love this wide-ranging, plant-derived oil. However, scientists are continuously discovering new uses for eucalyptus oil. One of these new uses is eucalyptus’ broad spectrum antimicrobial action, which is now being used in sanitizing solutions.

Each of these sanitizing products uses eucalyptus oil to fight foreign pathogens. A bonus of this naturally-derived ingredient is that these products don’t need to use synthetic chemicals to perform the job. Whether it’s bacteria, viruses or even fungi, this effective oil gives you everything you need in a sanitizer.

Forget the harsh chemicals inside your traditional sanitizing products and enjoy these fresh smelling, oil-filled options the next time you need to clean your hands, face or any surfaces.

1. Elyptol Hard Surface Cleaning Wipes

The Elyptol Natural Hard Surface Cleaning Wipes are made from 100% all-natural ingredients, meaning they’re safe for everyone. Each of the included 65 wipes will leave your surfaces clean and free from any unsightly streaks. They are also non-abrasive, meaning they’ll get rid of dirt and grime on your skin or surfaces without causing any damage. Plus, the wipes come in a handy storage container with an air-tight lid for long-term storage without worrying about the wipes drying out.

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2. Elyptol Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes

Whether you’re at home, on-the-go or about to travel the world, these Elyptol Natural Hand Sanitizing Wipes are great for getting your hands and surrounding surfaces clean and sanitized. Each hand wipes contains an effective and powerful eucalyptus formula, which kills up to 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and other harmful germs. In addition, the wipes are made from 100% natural bamboo fiber, biodegradable cloth. This box contains 24 individually wrapped sanitizer wipes.

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3. Elyptol Natural Hand Sanitizer Gel

Everyone needs a good hand sanitizer, and in the

, you have just that. Not only does the gel kill an unprecedented 99.999% of germs, it will also help to nourish and moisturize your skin without chapping, cracking or drying it out, leaving it in better condition after use. Plus, the included eucalyptus oil gives the gel a non-lasting natural scent. The gel is certified USDA BioPreferred and is dermatologically tested, too. You can also use the gel for sanitizing other surfaces, including glass, metal, polycarbonate and more.

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