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Use It, Don’t Lose It: How to Use Flex Spending Account Dollars Before the Deadline

Your holiday shopping may be done, but you might have some extra dollars that you literally need to spend — or else they go bye-bye. If you’re one of the millions of Americans with a Flexible Spending Account (FSA), then you know the deadline to use your funds is December 31 every year. While some plans offer an extension or FSA Grace Period, most require you to use your FSA dollars before the end of the year. Otherwise, that unused money will be forfeited back to your employer.

And it’s not just like, glasses and neck braces — there’s a lot to choose from. Eligible items include things like over the counter medication, tools to alleviate neck pain, and even some LED light therapy devices. We’re putting ourselves at risk of big brother seeing this (not really), but please, don’t give your money back to your employer by not spending your FSA dollars, especially when, today, it’s so easy to use them.

That’s right — we bet you didn’t know about the entire corner of the site dedicated to Amazon FSA-eligible products, or that Best Buy and Walmart have the same. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are also fair game. There’s even an entire online store solely dedicated to FSA-eligible products, aptly named which is uber convenient for draining the remaining balance.

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Regardless of how you burn those FSA dollars before the deadline, we’ve found some of the most popular items that actually count. Here’s how to use Flex Spending Account dollars and make it work for you.

The Best FSA Items on Amazon

Thanks to Amazon, online shopping is incredibly easy and provides reliable sources for consumer, and using your FSA dollars is no exception. They have an entire section dedicated to FSA and HSA-eligible products. One thing’s for sure — you still can’t beat that Prime shippping. Here are some of our top picks of the best FSA items on Amazon.

$22.99 $54.99 58% off

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With flu season in full swing, use your FSA blance to grab this touchless digital thermometer to treat and manage symptoms. iHealth’s no-touch version reads body temperature without physical contact in just one second with the push of one button. For enhanced accuracy, it has three sensors and collects more than 100 data points.

$29.97 $36.97 19% off

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If you’re experiencing back pain, unbearable cramps, or overall muscle aches, this popular heating pad provides relief and relaxation to the affected area by warming the muscles. For your own preference, there are adjustable temperatures to choose from that will meet your needs. It also conveniently rolls up for easy storage.

$40.99 $49.99 18% off

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Feeling congested and stuffy? Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler targets and penetrates your nasal, sinus and throat passages with a soothing, warm mist of steam for fast relief. It features an ergonomic designed face mask, adjustable steam control and easy 5-15 minute treatment.

Courtesy of Amazon

See, this is one of those things you’ll run out to get at the drug store and forget that you can buy with your Flex Spending Account dollars. You’ve got a few hours left — stock up and just have it. You know you’ll probably need it at some point.

The Best FSA Items at Walmart

Walmart has it’s own section of FSA and HSA-eligible products. And while we think it’s most convenient to order online (as online doesn’t have store hours), you can always head down to your local store to spend your remaining FSA balance. Here are the best FSA items at Walmart to consider scooping up.

Who needs leave to the house for a spa when HoMedics will treat your overworked feet to an elite relaxing foot bath? The foot spa is packed with a 2-in-1 removable pedicure center that includes a pedicure brush and a pumice stone. We might actually pick one of these up later if you don’t beat us to it.

Have you tried looking for one of those in-store blood pressure monitors recently? Since the COVID-19 pandemic struck they’re like, nowhere to be found. And we get it — germs and stuff. So with that, you’ll need a way to take blood pressure. We suggest this digital blood pressure monitor from Equate. With one touch, this doodad provides stats on blood pressure as well as irregular heartbeats and hypertension risk.

Many FSA providers will allow you to use your funds on devices that track your fitness levels if there is a specific health concern or condition related to weight loss or metabolism. We like this Omron Body Composition Monitor, which measures 7 different fitness indicators: body fat percentage, BMI, skeletal muscle, resting metabolism, visceral fat, body age, and weight. Keep in mind, you can’t use your FSA on gym memberships, fitness equipment or fitness trackers, like a FitBit.

Courtesy of Walmart

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SPY has been hot on the trail of the best water flossers because, well, flossing kind of sucks and anything we can do to make it suck less, we’ll try. With that, you might as well use the rest of your FSA dollars to try this one out from Waterpik. This less-expensive Waterpik water flosser is completely portable for better maneuvering in the bathroom. It’s also a great option for transportation so you never miss a floss.

The Best FSA Items at Best Buy

Super duper tech store, Best Buy, also has great tech-centric product that are FSA and HSA-eligible. The Walmarts and other super stores carry the essentials, like bandages, pain relief products, and sun screen. But we appreciate that we can find good tech products to use our FSA dollars on. Here are the best FSA items we found at Best Buy.

Now is your chance — SPY named this one of the best smart scales of 2023 just recently. This clinically tested scale provides instant feedback and highly accurate weight & weight trends, BMI, full body composition (body fat and water percentage, plus muscle and bone mass), and much more. Every weigh-in appears in the Health Mate app automatically, via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth sync. And unlike many smart scales, with Wi-Fi sync, you don’t have to have your phone with you when you weigh-in to synchronize your data.

$20.99 $40.00 48% off

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The Kanjo Memory Foam Acupressure Seat Cushion offers a simple yet effective solution for pain relief at home and on the go, and is perfect for those who sit for long hours. Taken from ancient Eastern methodologies in acupuncture, the Kanjo Acupressure Pain Relief Seat Cushion targets acupressure points to reduce pain. The shape of the Cushion takes stress off the spine and tailbone to relieve spinal, tailbone, seat and hip pain caused by long hours of sitting. Right now, it’s on clearance so scoop yours up fast.

$76.99 $109.99 30% off

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Hyperice, maker of some of the best massage guns, also makes a number of other recovery devices, like this compression wearable. This easy-to-use wrap fastens around the lumbar and thoracic regions of the spine and holds ice inside to provide both compression and cold therapy to sore muscles, vertibrae, and more. Users are saying it works well both standing, sitting, and laying down.

Courtesy of Best Buy

This back-relief tool came at the recommendation of Dr. Bret Hoffer, SPY contributor and chiropractor. He personally owns these and uses them regularly to easily realign those pesky vertibrae that seem to wander all around throughout the day. It’s very easy to use on the ground, against the wall, or even sitting on a chair. Dr. Bret recommends using this on the ground for very brief amounts of time, rolling back and forth slowly to help decompress the spine.

Best Items at the FSA Store Online (as well as its counterpart, is solely dedicated to FSA-eligible products. You don’t have to wait until December 31 to shop here, though, which is great. This online health-forward store is open 24/7 for FSA purchases throughout the year. SPY Editors agree that this is probably the best place online to buy those basic items for everyday use since whenever we venture into the real world, we forget our FSA cards, but there’s a few surprises as well. Here’s what we recommend picking up from

Courtesy of FSA Store

These were just ranked amount the best acne patches by SPY grooming writer, Adam Hurly, who knows just about every corner of men’s grooming. But FSA Store is a great place to stock up on FSA-eligible acne products. These are the latest thing in skincare, though — acne patches. Might Patch acne patches are translucent for descreet wear, and are arguably the best bang for your buck in this category. And, oh — Adam says they work really well.

Many flex spending accounts allow you to use your dollars for everyday emergency supplies, like bandages, gauze and wraps. Get everything in one convenient kit with this First Aid Pack from Adventure Medical Kits. Small and lightweight, stash this 1-pound medical kit in your car, day bag, tackle box, at home, or anywhere else you may need first aid. The kit includes supplies for wounds, blisters, fractures/sprains, and common medications, packed in a coated nylon outer bag with waterproof plastic inner bags.

Courtesy of FSA Store

Yeah, it looks like a massage gun, but this has one advanced features unseen by the likes of Theragun or Hypervolt. This massage gun is head activated, meaning while your getting that deep tissure relief, it works double time to sooth muscles with temperature therapy. All settings are fully customizable, including heat level and vibration speed, and it also offers three different pressure modes — standard, ascending, and fluctuating. This massage gun comes with six different attachments to target different regions of the body. Honestly, this seems like a no-brainer if you have some FSA dollars to spend.

Courtesy of FSA Store

Like we said, it’s so easy to forget your FSA account card at home when you need basic stuff like bandages. Just grab a bunch now and have them for the next year. These Band-Aid brand bandages are flexible and come in assorted sizes for every time of booboo you get in 2023.

Best FSA Items at Zenni Optical

Dont forget — persecription eyewear is FSA-eligible! And we know that your FSA balances may be on the lower side, so look at brands like Zenni Optical for ultra-affordable, but stylish eyewear to use your FSA dollars on. Here are our favorite styles right now.

Tortoiseshell frames are the absolute best colorway you could get in glasses — change our minds. They’ll pair back with black, brown, and literally any color outfit you’re wearing, making them the most versatile option. Whichever frame shape you go after, we urge you to look at the tortoiseshell version first. Here, we found one of the most classic frame styles that work for most of the SPY team. We all look great in them and you might too.

Courtesy of Zenni Optical

SPY Reviews Editor, Anthony Mastracci, actually has these and, though he’s a contacts-first dude, he wears these on his glasses days. Super stylish in the Pine green colorway, these are an easy addition to the eyewear rotation and something that you can conveniently leave in your car so you don’t have to carry them around all day. Although, they’re super lightweight and slip easily into a shirt pocket; 10/10 would recommend.

If you’re still not sure about what qualifies under your Flex Spending Account, here’s everything you need to know, straight from the website about using a flexible spending account. You’ll find answers to commonly asked questions and a pretty solid list of what does qualify and what does not qualify for a FSA item.