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Breath Boosters: 4 Reasons Why You Need a Tongue Cleaner

* Brushing and flossing isn’t enough for your dental routine
* Use a tongue cleaner to remove toxins and bacteria
* Get fresher smelling breath and prevent gum disease

Fed up with your mouth feeling funky? Is your breath leaving a lot to be desired? Your tongue might need a cleaning. You don’t hear it suggested often. But, your tongue gets covered with food and drink every day. And, if it doesn’t get cleaned from time to time, things will start to go sour. Here are four smart ways to tame your tongue for a cleaner feeling mouth and better breath.

1. Original TUNG Gel

Forget sucking a sprig of mint to get that fresh feeling in your mouth. Instead, try this gel tongue cleaner from TUNG.  The gel contains zinc, which will neutralize your breath and leave your mouth feeling minty fresh.


2. HealthAndYoga Surgical Grade Tongue Scraper

Although this looks like some sort of torture device from your dentist’s office, it’s actually a fun and friendly way to help prevent gum disease. This heavy gauged, non-corrosive tongue scraper gets pulled along the top of your tongue to rid your mouth of harmful bacteria. It’s so fun to watch what comes off you may forget you’re actually doing something good for your health.


3. Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner

You can’t wash your mouth out with soap because it tastes awful. But, Dr. Tung’s Tongue Cleaner can get rid of toxins camping out on your tongue. Just glide the curved cleaning edge over your tongue and remove that nasty bacteria. The foam handles make for a comfortable and easy grip.


4. Orabrush Tongue Cleaner

Tidy up that tainted tongue with this cleaner from Orabrush. Your regular toothbrush simply isn’t up to the task of getting into the deep, uneven crevices of your tongue. However, this tongue cleaner is designed after a surgeon’s scrub brush, which means nothing can hide from it. Even better…removing that tongue gunk means there is a lot less chance of developing gingivitis.

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