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Guy’s Guide: How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

* A step-by-step guide to safely and securely wrap your hands
* Choose from colorful hand wraps
* List also includes boxing glove-style wraps

Doesn’t matter how great a right or left you got. If you don’t have your hands properly wrapped, your boxing career is going to be very short lived. With safety and comfort in mind, here’s how to properly wrap your hands, along with a few hand wraps you might want to consider.

First, stretch out your hand. Fingers straight and open from each other. If you don’t do that, you won’t be able to flex your hand properly once it’s wrapped up. Then, you want to take the loop at the end of the hand wrap fabric and place that around your thumb. Let that be your anchor.

1. Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps

For example, this Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Hand Wrap has the loop. It’s also made from durable, elastic material that conforms and holds to the shape of your hands. It’s ideal if you’re into Muay Thai and Kickboxing Training.

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Once you have your anchor around the thumb, then you wrap the wrist, your hand, then around your thumb again, always rotating in the same direction. Unlike your boxing shorts, you want to make sure your wrap keeps the tension and doesn’t slack and bunch up. But also remember not to make it too tight.

From there, you wrap in between each finger, then bring the wrap down and around your hand again. Now that your hand is wrapped, you need to secure it. Most hand wraps come with some type of closure to make that happen. For instance, this one…

2. Sanabul Elastic Professional 180-inch Hand Wraps

You get 180 inches of material, more than enough to wrap both your hands. It has a polyester composition that really keeps this wrap secure and more comfortable and breathable than traditional cotton wraps. And, it has a Velcro closure to lock it all up and keep that wrap securely in place.

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Now, that you have the one hand wrapped, just repeat the process with your other hand and you’ll be set to go. If, for some reason, this all sounds like too much of a hassle, consider these:

3. Hawk Padded Inner Gloves

They’re like hand wraps but are already shaped to fit your hands. They’re slim enough to fit inside boxing gloves, but if you decide to skip the glove, it has a shock absorbent padded knuckle mitt to keep your hands safe. They’re washable, breathable and dry fast, so they’re ready for your next round.

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