Trunk Tank: The 4 Best Hydration Vests for Runners

hydration vest for runners
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* It’s important to stay hydrated during long distance running and hiking
* These hydration vests provide carry space for water and running essentials
* Each option is well reviewed and designed especially for long distance runners

It’s a dilemma. The more you run, the more you need to replenish lost fluids and electrolytes. The more you need to replenish, the more you need to carry during your run. And unless you’re running in circles, circuits or on a track, leaving your stuff somewhere convenient isn’t always an option. So the question becomes, what’s the best way to carry water and your running essentials with you? These hydration vests are definitely worth your consideration.

While carrying a water bottle in your hands or wearing a single belt around your waist can work for shorter runs, these methods eventually lead to discomfort and are limiting to the amount you can carry. Hydration vests fit tightly to your body and allow you to carry a far greater amount of water and stuff with you, all without annoyingly rubbing or bouncing as it’s carried close to your frame.

Each of these hydration vests provides plenty of carrying space for water, electrolytes and other foods as well as clothing and running essentials. The vests are also well reviewed by users and made especially for the purpose of running, or even hiking, long distances.

1. LANZON Hydration Pack

The LANZON Hydration Pack sports a lightweight design which will barely register on your shoulders. It features breathable and padded straps to maximize comfort along with fully adjustable straps across your chest and waist. The pack’s impressive adjustability means it can be used by both adults and children. Plus, it boasts seven different pockets to ensure you have everything you need with you at all times. These pockets include a main compartment for a 2-liter bladder and strap pockets for bottles, smartphones and other running essentials.

hydration vest for runners lanzon Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Osprey Packs Duro 1.5 Running Hydration Vest

With its secure fit and choice of sizes, the Osprey Packs Duro Running Hydration Vest is a stylish and lightweight option. It sports a zippered sleeve for housing a 1.5-liter reservoir. This zippered sleeve also comes with QuickConnect and a sternum magnet for the bite valve. The straps and back include a breathable mesh surface to prevent sweat from building between you and this vest. There’s also dual lower stretch pockets for holding running supplements and food items along with a zippered pocket for holding your phone and other valuables.

hydration vest for runners osprey Image courtesy of Amazon


3. Ultimate Direct Ultimate Vest 4.0

The Ultimate Direct Ultimate Vest 4.0 is made to carry. It includes five front facing pockets which can fit bottles, food, supplements and other items. There are also pockets for trekking poles and a zippered pocket for small valuables. On the back of the vest, you’ll find two large, zippered pockets for sizable necessities and a compression bungee to make the bag smaller and minimize bouncing when you’re on the move. Furthermore, the breathable stitch mesh is lightweight and ensures a comfortable fit around your body.

hydration vest for runners ultimate vest Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Nathan Men’s Hydration Pack/Running Vest

This Nathan Hydration Running Vest provides space for a two-liter hydration bladder. It also sports a quick release valve system. In addition, it sports a pill and supplement pocket which has water-resistant lining. You’ll also have two bottle pockets in the front for easy access to water as you run. The all-black design is made from lightweight and soft-to-touch material for minimal bounce and comfort throughout your workout. Nathan produces this vest in two different sizes. Finally, its minimal design makes this option ideal for events like trail running, marathon running, climbing and other outdoor activities.

hydration vest for runners nathan Image courtesy of Amazon


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