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Raise Your Game With These Golf Irons

The clubs that get the glory in a golf bag are often the woods and putters. The driver, or 1 wood, is used to get the ball to traverse tremendous distances. And the putters get the all-important job of actually getting the ball into the hole. But irons deserve just as much admiration.

The irons might not get the most exciting action, but they’re often the meat and potatoes of the game. Irons come in at that crucial point when the golfer is 200 yards from the hole. Irons are so named for being traditionally made of iron, but now the majority of golf clubs, including woods, are also made out of steel or graphite. Many irons sets include 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9 irons, but some sets swap out the 3 iron because of how difficult it is to use. Also crucial are the wedges, and some of the sets featured on this list include them.

Golf is notoriously difficult, which is why there are a lot of clubs that are specifically made to help beginner players improve. Whether you need an affordable starter set or pro clubs from a top brand, these are some of the top iron sets on Amazon.

1. Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Cleveland Golf is one of the top club makers, and this set is designed with beginner and recreational players in mind. The shafts are hollow, which redistributes weight to the clubhead. This makes the clubs more forgiving. The shaft is available in either graphite or steel, and left and right-handed configurations are available.

Pros: Full set of irons from a top brand. Fully hollow construction makes clubs more forgiving, clubs are designed to promote a higher launch.

Cons: Lightweight construction may be difficult to get used to.

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2. MAZEL Single Length Golf Club Irons

These clubs are available in either left or right-handed configurations, and you can choose between graphite or steel shafts. The 9 clubs included are the 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW, AW and SW irons. The hollow design and large sweet spot make the clubs more forgiving and easier to use. The irons are all one-length, which may help beginners improve their game by not needing to repeatedly change position.

Pros: Affordable. Large sweet spot and hollow body make the clubs forgiving for beginners.

Cons: Grips may not be as comfortable for some.

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3. LAZRUS Golf Wedge Set

Most golfers are all too familiar with the difficulty of getting out of the rough or sand traps. That’s why wedges are so important, and this set includes 3 wedges and 6 irons for an affordable price. The clubs are designed with beginner and recreational golfers in mind.

Pros: Good value, good option for beginners, includes 6 irons and 3 wedges.

Cons: Clubs are the same length, which may not be ideal for everyone.

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