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Hop On Your New Year’s Resolution To Get Fit With This Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike

* Magnetic tension system that allows you to control intensity of workout
* Bike folds in half for easy storage
* Comfortable ride for all shapes and sizes

Make your New Year’s resolution to get in shape a reality now with Ivation’s Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike. The secret to any successful, sustainable exercise regimen is making sure that it’s easy to fit working out into your schedule. With this upright exercise bike, you can just roll out of your bed or off the couch and hop onto the bike for an efficient, high-calorie burning activity. When you’re done with your cycling session, simply fold the bike down to half its size and store it in your closet or garage.

The Ivation Exercise Bike works off a magnetic tension system that includes eight resistance settings, allowing you to control the intensity of your workouts. And it is a comfortable ride for people of all shapes and sizes; the seat is generously accommodating and you can easily adjust to all heights for a relaxed ride no matter how small or tall you are.

Assembly is simple and takes only about 20 minutes to set up. Once you’re ready to roll, the Ivation Exercise Bike has a built-in LCD display that tracks your speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate, and also lets you know when you are in your ideal fat-burning zone. Pedal away the pounds as you watch your favorite show or listen to music; there are brackets to stow your iPad, Android and TV remote.

Why bother going to the gym when you can get an efficient, effective workout in your own home? Ideal for small spaces like a dorm room or apartment, the Ivation Upright Magnetic Exercise Bike makes it easy for you get into a groove with your fitness routine.

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