Mix Fashion and Fitness with this Jawbone Jewelry Bundle

Jawbone up3 fitness tracker plus bracelets

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* Includes Jawbone UP3 wearable fitness tracker 
* Sleep and activity tracking via included app for iOS/ Android
* Also includes beautiful Phyllis + Rosie jewelry 

This great bundle deal from SPRING pairs some of the most elegant wearable technology on the market with a set of seriously chic pieces by New York-based, Phyllis + Rosie.

The main attraction is the Jawbone UP3, an integrated wearable for your wrist that is size-adjustable and includes a wide variety of functions for keeping track of your activities, health, wellness and fitness. It integrates seamlessly with an included smartphone app, available for iOS or Android. The Jawbone UP3 allows smart fitness and wellness tracking that goes way beyond just counting your steps. It helps monitor heart rate for cardio exercise and heart rate variability for overall well-being tracking. Also useful is the sleep cycle tracker, which helps you figure you how much of your time “sleeping” is actually giving you rejuvenating REM sleep.

Wear this to bed and to the gym; its stylish, chic appearance means you can sport the Jawbone UP3 at work, at meetings and at events, too. The Jawbone app includes an easy way to synch and share progress with friends for some friendly competition.

This bundle also makes it easy to style your Jawbone wearable arm band with great accessories from Phyllis + Rosie. It includes the Xena cuff, a malleable and fully adjustable wrist accessory. The Xena cuff makes a slim yet powerful statement, especially when paired with the included set of three bracelets, in sterling silver, 14K rose gold filled and 14K yellow gold filled.

A thoughtful combination and a great deal as well, this bundle is remarkable for how well its included items actually go well together, mixing fashion and fitness in an easy-to-wear combo.

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