Cardio Made Easy: Make Like a Kid Again and Start Jumping Rope

Jump Rope Cardio
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* Cardio is something very few people get excited about
* What if I told you it’s way easier than you thought?
*Jumping rope is the most effective cardio

Cardio sucks. It’s the most dreaded aspect of working out for most people. Even guys who are addicted to the weight room fear the treadmill. However, cardiovascular endurance is a necessary part of being a wel-rounded athlete and it’s great for your heart. Making aerobic activities a habit will lower your blood pressure and cholesterol as well as reduce your risk for heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and some cancers.

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One of the easiest and most efficient ways to get your cardio in is by jumping rope. Most people think of running when they hear the word “cardio” but it doesn’t always have to be that way.

There are many different types of cardio, but a good ole jump rope rivals them all. To get your cardio in you could run, swim, bike, play a game of basketball or use any of the cardio machines at the gym. And I encourage that you try them, but I recommend that you commit and buy yourself a jump rope as it will benefit you the most. Jumping rope for one hour will, on average, burn 100 more calories than if you ran for an hour at a 10 minute per mile pace.

When you jump rope, you engage your arms, shoulders, back, quads and your abs. It increases your bone density from the light impact of jumping on the ground. It also increases cognition through coordination and rhythm. But the best part about it is how convenient it is.

If you own a jump rope, then you will never have an excuse to skip cardio. Do it literally anywhere. You don’t need a treadmill or a bike or a swimming pool. You can do it in your garage, in a hotel room, outside and of course at the gym. It’s not hard to travel with either. Take it with you on vacation or on your next business trip. Keep one in your bag, or at the very least in your car. You can’t take a bike or a treadmill everywhere you go like you can a jump rope.

Now before you get all excited and go buy a cheap jump rope, let me advise that you get the Gold’s Gym Cable Jump Rope.

Jump Rope Cardio Image Courtesy Amazon

Gold's Gym Cable Jump Rope

I’ve gone through a number of jump ropes over the last couple years. The plastic and rope ones eventually wear down on the part that rotates near your hand. They usually last no longer than one year. This cable jump rope will be with you for the long haul as the plastic protected cable won’t wear down. Also, it comes with weights in the handles to make it a little harder on your arms and shoulders. Don’t worry, the weights can easily be removed if you want to start with no weight.

After you get this jump rope, start out by setting a timer out on the ground in front of you and trying to jump rope for thirty seconds straight. Do 4 or 5 sets of that. When it gets too easy, make your sets one minute long. When that gets too easy, add push-ups or planks in between your one-minute sets of jump rope. You can also jump on one foot or start to alternate feet you jump with. There are tons of different workouts you can play with and get super creative with when you have a jump rope. That’s why jumping rope is the easiest and most efficient cardio workout out there.

The best part: this jump rope costs less than $15, making it an affordable and easy investment in your fitness routine. We’re not saying you should skip the gym, but when it comes to a fun and effective workout you can basically do anytime — and anywhere — it’s time to get jumping.

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