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Add Some Sparkle to Your Life With a Kate Spade Water Bottle

* Glitter water bottle from Kate Spade
* Easy access screw-top for easy filling, drinking and washing
* Silicone outer sleeve with golden glitter design 

Hydrate yourself in style with the Kate Spade Gold Glitter Water Bottle. Whether you need a new bottle for the gym or something to keep in your bag, this Kate Spade creation will be your new go-to source.

Combining a stylish appearance with a traditional water bottle design, you’ll never need reminding to stay hydrated. This glass bottle features an easy-to-use, screw-top lid, so you’ll have no problems with filling, drinking and washing it. The high-quality screw top also prevents any unwanted leakage.

This water bottle is capable of holding up to 16 oz. of liquid, from water and juice to your favorite smoothie. The size – basically a Grande cup at Starbucks – allows the bottle to be super portable, whether held in your hand, or stored in your bag. Furthermore, the plastic ring attached to the screw-top lid makes carrying your bottle an absolute cinch.

An item draped in fashion, the bottle sports a golden silicone sleeve adorned with glitter. Playful and practical, the soft-to-touch outer cover will not shed glitter everywhere as the gold dust is embedded and sealed into the silicone.

The Kate Spade New York Gold Glitter Water Bottle boasts a stunning look and functional design. It’s sure to be your favorite water bottle in no time.

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