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Your Kids Are Chaotic and Love Messing Around — Give Them An Outlet With a Punching Bag Designed for Them

If adults can love boxing and hitting bags, it makes sense that kids could too. And there are actually a lot of reasons a parent might want to pick up a punching bag for kids.

For one, martial arts like karate and taekwondo are popular activities for kids growing up. After a certain point, a kid needs some kind of punching bag, ideally one designed for kids, to safely practice and learn.

Perhaps you want to share your own love of boxing and fight sports with your kids. Standard bags are too big or heavy or tall for kids to safely use, so you’ll want an appropriate kids’ punching bag instead.

Then there are practical reasons too. Kids have boundless energy and are prone to chaos when they don’t have ways to occupy their attention and blow off steam. A kids’ punching bag could be the perfect distraction or hobby for your kids. And hey, if there are multiple kids in the house, it’s a lot better for them to fight a punching bag than each other.

And nobody can forget the fun factor of walking past a punching bag of any kind and casually throwing a quick punch, so it won’t be just your kid having fun with it.

If you feel like your kid might enjoy or benefit from a legit punching bag, we rounded up a few great punching bags for kids. For younger kids and children, roughly two to six, we found some pretty decent inflatable kids’ punching bags. For young kids and older kids, roughly six to 12, we found multiple hanging and standing heavy bags and standing traditional bags.

If your kid is headed into their teens, you should start considering investing in an adult punching bag because that’s roughly when many kids start to develop muscles and power that a true kids’ punching bag couldn’t handle.

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Of course, only parents know what their kids need, but if there’s a chance the kids might enjoy more physical activity, check out a few of the kids’ punching bags below. Because most of them are relatively small, they’re not that expensive, and some even come with additional equipment.


1. Cestbella Kids Inflatable Freestanding Punching Bag


The first and arguably best option for most parents and kids is the inflatable kids’ punching bag. Inflatable bags are cheap, easily replaced, don’t stand up to too much force (which is important for safety when striking) and easy to set up. That makes them great for children and young kids just learning how to wrestle, tussle and fight.

Keeping all that in mind, the Cestbella Kids Inflatable Freestanding Punching Bag is one of the best kids’ punching bags. The bottom can fill with water or sand to help keep it steady and the PVC material should hold up to light roughhousing for some time.

Of course, keep in mind that inflatable things cannot handle anything more than light violence and they will pop, deflate or tear in time no matter how well you and your kid take care of it.

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2.Original Bozo 3-D Bop Bag


If you’re just looking for something inflatable for your younger kids to tackle, punch and mess around with, there’s always the Original Bozo 3-D Bop Bag. It’s more of a novelty than a true punching bag for kids, but the vinyl holds up pretty well to bops and smacks and can have sand in the base to help it bounce back up.

Though we must say, this thing looks terrifying. Make sure your kids are down to clown before picking this up.

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3. Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set


If you’re looking more to actually recreate fight training for your kids, you might want a kids’ punching bag that actually resembles a real punching bag. The Ringside Kids Boxing Gift Set contains two boxing gloves, headgear and a two-pound mini-heavy bag.

The set is perfect for children or younger kids, but we warn you the mini-heavy bag is absolutely tiny, like, comically tiny, like, smaller than a rolled-up yoga mat and lighter too.

Your young kids will likely outgrow this set fairly quickly, but they could have quite a bit of fun with this gear in the meantime.

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4. UFC Youth Heavy Bag & Boxing Gloves Kit


When your kid outgrows gear like the Ringside Kids gear or if your kid’s already a little bit older, turn to the UFC Youth Heavy Bag & Boxing Gloves Kit.

You get two legit six-ounce gloves and a hangable 12-pound kids’ punching bag, which is enough weight to give the bag some heft but not so much weight that your kid is likely to get injured using it.

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5. RDX Kids Punching Bag


If you have older kids who are starting to develop their own interest in fight sports, the RDX Kids Punching Bag comes with two gloves and is sizable and durable enough to take a beating from your nine-to-12-year-old or even younger kids on the older end.

You can easily fill the hangable two-foot heavy bag with old clothes, sheets, towels, foam or whatever you have on hand, up to about 30 pounds. But like all the unfilled bags we’ve included in this list, be careful not to overstuff it. It’s designed to hang and take a beating, but not when it’s overly heavy.

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6. Century Kid Kick Wavemaster Punching Bag


For a legitimate punching bag for kids trying to practice, not play, you can check out the Century Kid Kick Wavemaster standing heavy bag.

The bag is made from high-impact foam covered in nylon and the base fills with sand or water to reach a weight of approximately 170 pounds when filled, more than enough weight to stand tall against your kid’s strikes.

Plus, as your kid grows, you can adjust the height from 37 inches to 52 inches to give them maximum striking surface.

But there’s no reason to go for this bag unless your kid is personally focused and interested in practicing fighting. And at its price, you’re not going to want to buy it if your kid is going to give up on it.

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7. QPAU Punching Bag for Kids


For kids on the younger side, you might consider the QPAU Punching Bag for Kids. The set includes a standard inflatable boxing ball bag, a pair of gloves and an air pump, in addition to the base and stand.

The inflatable bag is made of strong leather to hold up to actual punches and the elastic spring in the stand causes the bag to bounce back after being struck, adding another practice element and making the bag more fun for kids practicing.

The height can adjust from 35.5 inches to 47.5 inches, which isn’t that great for kids who are growing, but if your older kid is on the shorter side, this punching bag will probably still suffice for a while.

Just fill the base with sand or water, attach the stand and inflate the bag and your kid is ready to rock ‘em and sock ‘em.

And if the equipment does wear out, QPAU offers a two-year return and refund policy.

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8. Tech Tools Youth Punching Bag with Stand


For a standing bag that might be better for kids on the older side, there’s the Tech Tools Youth Punching Bag with Stand. It’s similar to the QPAU standing punching bag for kids — both include an inflatable ball bag and an adjustable spring-loaded shaft — but the Tech Tools kids’ punching bag can adjust from 35 to 50 inches. The extra few inches of height could give it another year or two in your house for the fight-oriented kid.

The punching bag also comes with a pair of gloves, a pump and a base, but unfortunately, the base must be stood upon to hold the stand in place, which might be difficult for a kid to keep in mind. But, it’s likely better if you want your kid to concentrate instead of dancing around the punching bag.

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9. Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag


By the time your kid hits his or her teens, it’s time to think about getting an actual punching bag because they’re hitting the point where they’re no longer just kids.

The Everlast Traditional Heavy Bag is a classic punching bag. It ships ready to hang and weighs 40 pounds, more than enough weight for fairly strong kicks and punches, though not so heavy that your teen risks serious injury when using it properly.

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