Save Space in Your Backpack With a Collapsible Water Bottle

This Kids Water Bottle is Collapsible

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* Handy collapsible water bottle that’s great for kids
* Ideal for traveling, running and camping
* Drink from the removable lid or easy drink spout

Save space in your bag or your kid’s backpack with this collapsible water bottle. The easy squeeze design allows the bottle to fit in pockets, coats or lunch boxes where standard plastic bottles would be too big.

The Ohyo is a fun shaped bottle which can hold up to 500ml of water or other drinks. You can choose to drink from the screw lid and enjoy it like a normal cup, or use the pop-out straw in the top.

Once you have finished the liquid inside, the Ohyo simply collapses on itself for easy storage in any bag. The small size makes the Ohyo ideal for weekend camping trips, afternoon runs, or inside a lunchbox. Its fun, bright design makes it especially good for children.

The Ohyo’s design features a wide neck which makes filling, drinking and washing the bottle a whole lot easier. It’s also dishwasher safe, and comes in two attractive colors — pink and green.

This BPA-free bottle is great for the environment too. You’ll avoid buying non-reuseable bottles, so not only will it save you money, it means fewer environmentally damaging bottles are put in the trash.

The Ohyo collapsible water bottle will instill the benefit of drinking water into your kids’ habits or help you free up some bag space. At under 10 dollars, this fun, reusable vessel is an easy buy.

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