Stay Hydrated With the Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Water Bottle

Klean Kanteen Wide Mouth Bottle with

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* Holds 27 ounces 
* Keeps beverages cold
* Won’t leak in your bag

Making daily pit stops to the grocery or convenience store for bottled water to quench your thirst is a giant waste of time and money. Relying on a 27-ounce Klean Kanteen to take care of your hydration needs is both an environmentally and financially responsible decision. 

Made of food-grade materials and BPA-free, whether you’re out in the snow or basking on the beach, the Klean Kanteen bottle is guaranteed to keep your beverage cool and crisp. What more can you ask for in a water bottle?

At 27-ounces, you will only need to refill two or three times to meet your recommended daily water intake. The Klean Kanteen is designed with electropolished interiors to prevent the bottle from absorbing weird smells and tastes. Its spring-loaded top makes it easy to sip while dashing to work or to catch the train. It even fits in a standard car cup holder without wobbling over.

Never worry about spillage or leaks, the Klean Kanteen’s Loop Cap is watertight, so you can toss the bottle into a shopping bag without the chance of its contents leaking over your new clothes. The loop feature allows you to thread a lanyard or chain through to attach to anything — your rock climbing harness or stroller. The bottle’s light and sleek design is perfect for any occasion, and it won’t weigh your book bag down as at it only weighs 7.5 ounces when empty.

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