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Leather or Suede Lifting Wrist Straps are the Upgrade Your Weightlifting Routine Needs

It can be frustrating to not be able to reach your weightlifting goals, especially if muscle strength is not what’s holding you back. One thing that can hinder your weightlifting abilities is grip strength. It’s important to work on improving your grip, but sometimes you need a little extra help, especially as you start to reach those heavier weights. Weightlifting straps can be a helpful way to give yourself a better handle on heavier weights.

In general, weightlifting straps are better suited for those who are at a more advanced point in their weightlifting journey. As you’re starting out, it may be tempting to get the gear that you see more advanced lifters using. But improving your natural grip strength is a crucial step when you’re getting into lifting. But if you do find that you’re ready to take the next step in your weightlifting journey by getting straps, then we’ve picked out some of the best options below.

There are a few different kinds of weightlifting strap styles, including figure eight, lasso, and single loop. You can also get straps in different materials. Leather and suede straps are a favorite of ours. Part of it is that we love the classic look. But as anyone who’s owned a quality leather jacket or suede boots can tell you, leather and suede soften up over time. That means that while the straps may be stiff at first, they’ll get better with age. Not only that, but quality leather is hardwearing — properly taken care of, it can last a very long time.

These are the leather and suede weightlifting wrist straps to get.

1. Dark Iron Fitness Leather Suede Lifting Wrist Straps

Dark Iron Fitness’ weightlifting straps are made out of suede, and the black straps feature red contrast stitching up both sides of the straps. This is not just an aesthetic consideration — the contrast stitching reinforces the straps under heavier loads and helps resist wear and tear. The straps feature a lasso-style construction.

Pros: Made from soft but durable suede that holds up while resisting chafing. Contrast stitching resists tearing.

Cons: Straps are somewhat short compared to what some may be used to.

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2. Harbinger DuraHide Real Leather Lifting Straps

Harbinger’s leather straps have an extended, 21″ length, making them easier to wrap around the bar. The lasso-style straps are made to be extra wide for a more secure hold. Harbinger’s straps are made out of soft leather and have a waxy gray look. White stitching down the middle helps reinforce the leather, and the ends have a tab with the brand’s logo stitched on which prevents fraying of the leather.

Pros: Long and wide straps for an extra secure hold.

Cons: Leather can be stiff at first.

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3. Stoic Olympic Lifting Wrist Straps Genuine Leather

Lasso-style straps are probably the most widely available option on the market, but there are other good options available, too. If you prefer a single loop, this pick from Stoic is a good option. The strap is an extra-thick 3mm, making it more durable. The black leather straps have a minimalist look with the Stoic logo discretely stamped on. The single loop design is designed to make the straps easy to put on and take off.

Pros: Sleek minimal look. Easy on and off single-loop design. Thick, 3mm strap to add durability.

Cons: Since they’re not adjustable, they may be too small for those with thicker wrists.

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4. Grizzly Fitness Genuine Leather Lifting Wrist Straps

These lasso-style straps are made out of soft leather with a suede finish. They have a light brown look and are feature the Grizzly logo on the tag. The leather is designed to be soft but durable, meaning you can do repeated lifts without your arms — or the straps — getting worn down. These straps are 1.5″ wide and somewhat thin, which may make them easier to get around your wrists.

Pros: Soft leather won’t dig into your arms, stylish light tan look. Good option for smaller hands.

Cons: Somewhat thin.

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5. Bear KompleX 3 Hole Leather Hand Grips

If you’re looking for an alternative to traditional wrist wraps, consider these hand grips. They’re designed to provide palm coverage while leaving your fingers free. They have three holes for you to put your index, middle and ring finger through. The palm grip is made out of leather to help provide a secure grip. Four colors are available, including black, tan and gray.

Pros: Suits a variety of workouts. Provides palm coverage to increase grip and protect palms. Can serve as an alternative to traditional wrist wraps.

Cons: Somewhat expensive compared to some other options.

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