These Lens-Free Glasses Look Like Something Straight Out of Star Trek While Beating Rainy Day Blues

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AYO Light Therapy
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* Broad spectrum LEDs turn indoor lighting into something closer to natural light
* Made to help with jet lag, insomnia and seasonal depression
* Awesome ’90s sci-fi aesthetic a bonus

Nerd chic doesn’t get much better – or nerdier than this. These glasses look like something Doctor Beverly Crusher would have you wear on Star Trek: The Next Generation, possibly to treat holodeck addiction syndrome, or perhaps to help you adjust to life after your Borg implants have been removed. Sad! You miss “the collective.” While these “light therapy” glasses may not help you forget your longing to be assimilated into the all-encompassing mechanical union of the Borg, they do help with jet lag, insomnia and alertness.

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Light Therapy Glasses jet lag seasonal Courtesy The Grommet

Light Therapy Glasses


These Light Therapy Glasses are even supposed to help treat the rainy day blues, or “SAD– seasonal affective disorder,” as it’s known in the scientific literature. But even if you live in sunny Southern California, you can use this lensless, natural-sunlight mimicking headgear to help manage your circadian rhythm. It may not be the holodeck, but it can help you maintain a semblance of a normal sleep schedule when traveling for business. And, if you’re one of the 7.5 or so percent of us with a naturally “night-shifted” circadian rhythm, thanks to a variant of the unfortunately named “CRY1” gene, simulated sunlight may help you feel more alert when it comes time to join your fellow office workers at the, for you, quite unnatural hour of 9 AM!

Tiny Li-ion batteries power the Light Therapy Glasses from AYO and contain low-output, broad-spectrum lighting elements that help offset the unnatural wavelengths we so often get from screens and indoor fluorescents. Reviewers say they improved their mood, raised alertness and helped ward off insomnia. Plus, they have that amazing, ‘90s geek vibe that our real life hive mind – the internet – finds so amusing and relevant right now.