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Wear This Leopard Print Silk Eye Mask for Restful Nights & Easy Flights

* Black silk satin sleep mask
* Blocks out light, aiding the natural sleep process
* Great for long flights and restless nights

While eye masks are often looked upon as a silly luxury, they really are a sleep accessory that works. By blocking out the light, eye masks induce your production of melatonin, your body’s own naturally-produced sleep aid.

We love this Leopard Print Silk Eye Mask by HVN. Crafted from pure silk, the American-made eye mask is styled with an exotic leopard and leaf print, which makes it a delightful treat to put on. The finely woven material and the feather-light design means this eye mask fits softly and effortlessly on your face. The comfort and darkness it provides will help you fall asleep quickly and wake up refreshed.

If total sensory deprivation is what you need, try adding earplugs. Just make sure you’re not relying on an alarm clock to wake you up!

Outfitted with a handy carrying case, the Leopard Print Silk Eye Mask by HVN is exclusively available through Matches Fashion. Use it the next time you struggle through a bought of insomnia, or on your next long-haul flight, when you want to fall asleep fast.

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