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This Pair of Glasses Promises To Boost Your Energy and Your Mood

* Light therapy uses simulated light to treat seasonal disorders
* A few minutes a day can lead to more energy and a better mood
* Glasses offer a more comfortable way to enjoy light therapy

Who would’ve thought a pair of glasses could improve your mood and help regulate your sleep? With three different light levels, an automatic timer, micro USB port, and an adjustable nose rest, these glasses are unlike anything you’ve seen. This is “Luminette” — a new, patented illumination system that provides light therapy on the go.

The state-of-the-art design sends 8 enriched white-light LEDs directly into your eyes. There’s no glare or negative effect on your vision — simply place them over your eyes to help regulate your melatonin levels and feel more energy throughout the day. It even works for people who wear contacts or glasses.

When worn for roughly 20 minutes in the morning (or anytime during the day, really), these glasses will help your body adhere to its natural rhythm, which can sometimes be disrupted without enough sunlight.

Great for people on the go, these glasses are extra comfortable and have no visible impact on your day-to-day routine. You can wear them when you’re reading the paper, brushing your teeth and more. Unlike more cumbersome forms of light therapy, the Luminette glasses offer all the benefits of the sun no matter the weather. Effects should be noticeable after only a few days. The product promises to help you sleep better without interruptions, enhance your mood, help you feel calm and relaxed, and balance out cases of seasonal affective disorder.

Best of all, the glasses are able to adapt to any face — making it easier to go about your daily routine without ever feeling uncomfortable. More than that, these glasses are also great for overcoming jet lag. You can also download the Luminette app on your phone to better regulate your usage schedule.

Luminette is rechargeable by the included micro-USB cable; one charge gives you enough juice for 10 sessions. Manufactured in Belgium, the glasses have overwhelming positive reviews online.

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