Don’t Miss These Massage Gun Deals – Save $100 on Top-Rated Massagers

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Right now, you can find a ton of great massage gun deals, and we’ve collected the biggest discounts below. You can find plenty of massage gun deals on Amazon, but companies like Hyperice also have some good deals on their official websites.

If you’re returning to the gym post-pandemic or getting your home workout on, a handheld massage gun can be an effective muscle recovery tool that’s cheaper than a massage at a spa. The best massage gun is lightweight but still packs a punch, decadently treating sore or tight muscles with its relaxing therapy.

With chillier weather not too far away, muscles are sure to tense up more than usual, making this device an ergonomic winter hack, which often comes complete with multiple attachment heads.

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Massage guns are an affordable, at-home alternative to heading to your local masseuse, but the prices attached to these high-tech percussion devices aren’t exactly encouraging for consumers in search of a deal. That’s why we scoured the web for the best massage gun deals out there, rhythmically relaxing all your muscles for a fraction of the cost. Here are the best options online, from popular brands to lesser-known diamonds in the rough.

If you’re doing some early Christmas shopping for fitness gifts, these massage gun deals are a great way to score in-demand gifts at a serious discount!


1. LifePro Sonic Heldhand Percussion Massage Gun

We featured this in our guide to the best Christmas gifts in 2020, and it’s one of the most popular products ever featured on A great mid-range massage gun, this product is currently on sale at Amazon thanks to a special coupon deal (you may need to be a Prime customer to access the coupon).

LifePro’s Sonic massage gun takes the cake when it comes to the number of attachments, clocking in at eight heads total. One powerful testimony reports, “If your an athlete, or an aspiring one, this will cut stretching time, massages, and make foam rolling obsolete.” Still, this brand does sell a vibrating foam roller which pairs beautifully with this massager.


LifePro Sonic Heldhand Percussion Massage Gun Courtesy of Amazon


2. Hyperice Hypervolt (Bluetooth)

Hypervolt is a leader in handheld percussions devices, and unlike comparable models on the market, this one is Bluetooth-controlled. Thanks to Quiet Glide technology, you can even use this massager at work without anyone knowing. Another unique feature is the built-in pressure sensor, which provides feedback and increases the accuracy of your massage sessions.

Before Hyperice released its newest line of massage guns, this was our top pick among the best Theragun alternatives, and it’s still one of the top massage guns on Amazon in 2022.


Hyperice Hypervolt (Bluetooth), Best Massage Gun Deals Courtesy of Hyperice


3. VYBE Percussion Massage Gun Pro Model

This highly-rated gun by Exerscribe just had a $100 off coupon attached to it on Amazon, and it’s well worth hurrying for this one before it expires. With nine intensity levels, three metal heads and five plastic heads, and 30-plus pounds of pressure, the VYBE Pro can break up the gnarliest knots and loosen the tightest muscles. The silicon-grip handle and lightweight for such a powerful device are cherries on the sundae. Among cheap massage guns, this is one of the best.

NOW $100 OFF

VYBE Percussion Massage Gun - Pro Model - Massager for Deep Tissue Muscle - for Pain Relief - 9 Speeds, 8 Attachments, Quiet, Portable, Electric and Handheld Courtesy of Amazon


4. Addsfit Max Deep Tissue Massage Gun

This best-selling massage gun has a grippy handle, making it more ergonomic and easier to hold. Best of all, it’s now only $149.98 — a solid $40 off deal. The heads are made of antibacterial silicone, which is more sanitary than foam alternatives. It comes in a hardshell, brief-case style case with zipper closure, and fewer vents than other models allow for quieter operation.


Addsfit Max Deep Tissue Massage Gun, Best Massage Gun Deals Courtesy of Addisfit



5. Hyperice Hypervolt Plus

We’ve loved Hyperice’s therapy devices for a while now, so when we see a deal like this, we usually jump. The Hypervolt Plus packs 30% more power than the original Hypervolt, and retains the silent performance, great battery life, and Bluetooth connectivity. The patented three-level pressure sensor also helps make sure you’re applying the right amount. We were already in before this great $70 off discount!


Hypervolt Plus, Best Massage Gun Deals Courtesy of Hyperice


6. RENPHO Mini Gun Massager

RENPHO makes some of the best budget massage devices for sale on Amazon, including this mini massage gun. Just because this massage gun is compact doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. If you find that regular massage funs are too heavy or make it hard to reach certain problem areas, consider this compact version which is ideal for travelers. RENPHO is known for its superior quality, so you can trust your muscles are in safe hands.


RENPHO Mini Gun Massager Courtesy of Amazon


7. Cryotex Massage Gun

We love how customizable this sleek massage gun by Cryotex is, with over 20 speed options and 6 different heads for each of your muscle groups. It provides up to 6 hours of battery life after charging, which is significantly longer than other massagers on the market. Buyers with back pain are particularly impressed. For a solid budget massager, this Cryotex massager is a great option.


Cryotex Massage Gun Courtesy of Amazon


8. Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun

This massager comes with a travel bag, so you can bring your sore muscle reliever on the road wherever you go. One buyer uses it to deal with her plantar fasciitis, commenting, “All in all it has been worth the money and compared to others it has the great power for the price.“


Youdgee Muscle Massage Gun Courtesy of Amazon


9. Mebak 3 Massage Gun

The Mebak 3 is silent but powerful, and very lightweight at just over 2 lbs. It’s made from high-quality plastic and features a physical power switch on the bottom of the handle – this stops you from accidentally turning it on and draining battery. However, one user notes that the touch sensor that changes intensity is slightly sensitive.


Mebak 3 Massage Gun Courtesy of Amazon


10. Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun

Opove’s top-notch electric massager is touted as one of the quietest on the market. Pro athletes and amateurs alike love this gun as an alternative to ones that don’t penetrate deep enough. With an amplitude of 15mm, it’s safe to say that’s not the case with this popular massager.


Opove M3 Pro Max Massage Gun Courtesy of Amazon


11. Aduro Muscle Massage Gun

For anyone on a budget, the Aduro gun is available for a steal on Amazon. Along with having adjustable settings, it comes with 4 interchangeable head, include a ball head, dual point, deep tissue, and high impact options for various needs. A single-click power button is easy to use on this gun, which one user calls “heaven in a box.”


Aduro Muscle Massage Gun, Best Massage Gun Deals Courtesy of Amazon


12. CHIRAGUN Booster Lightsaber Edition (Infinity Gray)

This deal on the coveted CHIRAGUN is too good to pass up. Along with the usual range of heads, there’s a U-shaped spinal head that can be used for spinal massage. It features 3 unique modes of vibration – the crescendo setting activated muscles pre-workout, while the fade-out soothes post-workout. Let all 15kg of pressure-bearing bliss work through those knotted muscles.


CHIRAGUN Booster Lightsaber Edition (Infinity Gray) Courtesy of CHIRAGUN