Deep State: 6 Ways to Meditate and Reclaim Your Attention Span

meditation how to meditate beginners
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* A range of introductory items to help you begin your meditation journey
* Learn to focus your mind, increase your attention span and relax
* Ideal as gifts for friends and family members who need to unwind

The art of meditation can often sound like an intimidating prospect. Whether you feel you have no time or you just don’t believe that relaxation and peace can be found without the aid of sun, sea and sand, it really doesn’t hurt to try a short meditation practice each day. These six beginner items are an ideal way to get you on the path to a daily unwind. They will help you set up your own personal meditation space.

Included in this list is everything you’ll need to get started, with options for those who prefer to read, to listen or even to watch.

1. Meditation for Beginners: A 22 Day How to Meditate Course by Vern Lovic

This is a book for everyone – whether you have absolutely zero meditation experience or you’ve been practicing for 10 years. Meditation For Beginners is a 22-day course aimed at reducing your stress levels, calming your mind and ensuring you have complete confidence in your technique every time you sit down to meditate. This guide to meditation is available both as an ebook and in paperback.

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2. Headspace

Headspace is a subscription app service available on iPhones and iPads. The app delivers meditation techniques that have been refined and developed over centuries. With the aim of increasing awareness and compassion, this app helps you better understand yourself in the process of learning to meditate. Sounds too good to be true? Head on over and learn the basics for free before committing any of your hard-earned cash.

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3. Indian Mysore Sandalwood Meditation Blend Aromatherapy

This sandalwood aromatherapy blend is a great way to create an atmosphere most fitting for relaxation and meditation. A light drop massaged into the temples or better, a few drops in your essential oil diffuser, will have your mind ready for a workout in relaxation. Inside the mix, you’ll find hints of myrrh, cedar wood, fir needle, spruce and lavender.  

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4. Meditation for Beginners: For Deep Daily Practice

Requiring as little commitment as 10 minutes a day to begin, this online course is assisted by both audio and video components. It also includes downloadable MP3 content, giving you the freedom to learn and practice meditation wherever you want. Udemy is so confident in your positive progress that this course comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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5. Muse: The Brain Sensing Headband

A headband designed to help bypass thoughts that just won’t leave your head, the Brain Sensing Headband can provide the relaxing sounds of a rainforest or the crashing waves of the ocean to help your reach a point of relaxation. Muse can also detect your brain’s activity in order to deliver peaceful weather sounds when you’re calm and more intense sounds if you start to wander.


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6. Alexia Meditation Seat

A common problem for any newcomer to meditation is the initial discomfort caused by sitting with your legs crossed and back straight for a long duration. The Alexia Meditation Seat eliminates this pain by providing a comfortable seat/pillow which removes stress on the legs and allows you to fully focus on emptying your mind.

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