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These Glasses Help Reduce Light Sensitivity During a Migraine

* Light sensitivity, or photophobia, is a common complaint during migraines
* These specialized glasses provide relief from fluorescent and artificial light
* They can be worn before and during migraines for prevention or relief

Migraines are a form of severe headache that can last hours to days, and even longer in the most severe cases. While many of the root causes of migraines remain up for debate, there are some well known triggers such as the menstrual cycle, caffeine, stress and weather changes. Where ‘normal’ headaches are limited to pain in your head, migraines may include additional symptoms like nausea, vomiting and light sensitivity.

Light sensitivity, or photophobia, has been reported by nearly 80% of migraine sufferers, which suggests dealing with that symptom could offer significant relief. The

attempt to do exactly that.

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TheraSpecs are made to protect your eyes from fluorescent and other forms of artificial lighting. These are the types of lights that can lead to discomfort during migraines. By blocking these light wavelengths, the glasses may help to prevent migraines from becoming worse and to reduce their frequency. The glasses can also aid in the treatment of other light-related symptoms.

These specialized, over-the-counter lenses should be worn indoors as that’s where you will be exposed to the most damaging lights, even if you aren’t experiencing a migraine at the time. Whether you’re working at a computer, watching TV or simply sitting in an artificially lit area, the glasses provide an ideal barrier between your eyes and unwanted light. They can also be worn outside on overcast days for comfort and protection.

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In addition, the glasses feature an ultra-lightweight design and are made from polycarbonate, which minimizes the amount of pressure applied to your head and face. Not only does this ensure a near weightless and comfortable wearing experience, it also means they’re easily adjusted, too.

The next time a migraine hits, you’ll want to make sure you have a pair of these fluorescent and artificial light-fighting glasses at hand to help keep your symptoms under control.


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