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Reduce the Chance of Injury During Training With MMA Body Protectors

Combat sports like MMA, Taekwondo, Muay Thai and Boxing provide a high-intensity workout. Athletes learn how to condition their bodies and minds to maintain focus and land precise movements throughout long matches. Combat sports can teach discipline and endurance. But like any sport, one of the quickest ways to end your training session is with an injury. That’s why we recommend MMA body protectors.

The best body protectors help to reduce the chance of injury and lengthen training sessions by providing shock absorption and dispersing shock evenly throughout the protector in order to decrease pain and harm caused by kicks, punches and thrown elbows. Body protectors also allow for fighters to go full out when training and practice their movements at competition-level intensity rather than holding back in an effort to not injure their sparring partner.

For a body protector to be useful, it needs to be thick enough to absorb impact without restricting movement. These protectors do that and more. Check out our top picks for the best MMA body protectors and keep yourself safe in the octagon.

1. Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector

Protect yourself while training with the Wesing Martial Arts Muay Thai Boxing Chest Protector. The Wesing is designed to be used for Martial Arts, Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Sanda and is made with a unisex design. Using XPE foaming and a bamboo chip insert, the Wesing is breathable and provides shock absorption to help keep users sparring longer. The Oxford fabric is soft and easy to clean and the lightweight material won’t weigh fighters down. A round neck collar with a smooth trim provides a comfortable fit.

Pros: The Wesing comes in six sizes and has an adjustable metal buckle that gives users the ability to get a protector that provides a snug fit.

Cons: The Wesing’s sizing runs small and taller users may want to try a different brand.

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2. RDX Boxing Chest Guard

For a chest protector that won’t restrict your movement but still provides ample shock absorption, try the RDX Boxing Chest Guard. SpongeX Padding provides resistance when the protector is met with high-intensity force from a punch or kick. Infused shock dispersion dissipates and disperses the impact evenly throughout the protector, minimizing the chance of injury. The RDX is made with Maya Hide, the toughest patented synthetic leather available. The RDX is also CE-approved by SATRA.

Pros: The ergonomic design of the RDX provides users with the ability to move their arms freely as they would without a protector, while the interlaced straps on the back hold the protector firmly in place.

Cons: The RDX only comes in two size options and the back straps are difficult to adjust without help.

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3. Adidas Martial Arts Body Protector

Protect your chest, abdomen, shoulders and groin area with the Adidas Martial Arts Body Protector. Designed for intense sparring sessions, the protector is made with durable foam rubber padding and has a vinyl shell that provides ample coverage for the core, helping to reduce impact and lessen the chance of injury. Users can choose between the six sizes offered for the protector, which can also be worn by children and smaller athletes. A lacing system on the back helps to provide a secure fit. The Adidas protector is recognized by the World Taekwondo Federation.

Pros: The protector is reversible, giving users the option to wear red or blue, which can be an advantage in a competition setting.

Cons: The protector comes with a big price tag.

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4. ROAR MMA Kickboxing Thigh Pads

Kicks to the inner thigh can be brutal, which is why you should protector yourself during training with the ROAR MMA Kickboxing Thigh Pads. Designed to be worn by coaches and trainers, the Roar help to protect the inside, outside, front and back of the thigh by using 4 inches of contoured GEL infused foam. The pads include 12 mm of foam on the front and 10 mm on the back for full-leg protection. Designed as one size fits most, the Roar thigh pads have a large Velcro strap to help ensure a snug fit.

Pros: The pads are made with durable synthetic leather on the outside and have double stitching and rivets for a long-lasting finish.

Cons: The Roar comes with a big price tag, but the pads can be sold in a set or as single units for a more affordable option.

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