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Keep Thirst and Charley Horses At Bay with the MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle

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Proper hydration while working out is key. Everybody knows that, and there are roughly a million or so water bottles on the market to remind you of that. But how many of them can also take care of another one of your body’s workout needs: loosening your muscles?

If the MOBOT Foam Roller Water Bottle isn’t the only hybrid water bottle-foam roller, it is the original, and certainly the best. Built from tough, industrial-strength, recycled stainless steel, the MOBOT line of bottles hold from 18 to 40 ounces of your hydrating beverage of choice and can support up to 350 pounds of weight when used as a roller.

Foam rolling has become a prominent and important part of workout routines both hardcore and casual. By using your body weight to deliver targeted self-massage, foam rolling helps your muscles loosen and relax, increases circulation and speeds recovery to aching tissue. Foam rolling mimics trigger-point release techniques used by sports therapists, untying those nasty knots and reducing inflammation to keep you active.

Plus, it feels great. Foam rolling can be done purely for relaxation, releasing tension and acting almost as a form of meditation. Breath, roll, release, repeat as necessary — you’ll be loose and limber in no time.

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Courtesy of MOBOT
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Courtesy of Amazon

The MOBOT’s powerful stainless-steel body is wrapped in BPA-free, non-toxic, high-density EVA foam ridges that dig into those tight muscles to deliver deep, soothing relief. The foam is heat-sealed to the steel bottle, ensuring it won’t break away or wear off.

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Plus, you can use the MOBOT as a roller whether the bottle is full or empty. Either way, it will hold up to 350 pounds. Whether you’re using the spout lid with built-in silent straw or the stainless-steel screw-top lid, they’ll hold fast while you roll out your aches and pains.

Even if the MOBOT were just a water bottle, it would be well worth a look. Models range in size from the 18 oz Firecracker to the 27 oz Grace to the 40 oz Big Bertha. They’re travel-ready, and recycled steel and chemical-free foam covering mean they’re eco-friendly as well. Plus they come in numerous bright colors and cool designs, so if you happen to forget to take it off the elliptical machine and it ends up in the lost and found, chances are there’s not another one like it.

The MOBOT Foam Roller Bottle was created in 2013 in Australia, designed in Venice, CA, and handcrafted in ISO-approved factories in Asia. When you make the choice to replace those eco-disastrous single-use plastic water bottles with something permanent, you want it to stand up to your active lifestyle so it’s really permanent. The MOBOT delivers that durability. Throw in the fact that it can quench your thirst and keep your muscles loose and limber, and this is a bottle we absolutely want in our gym bag.