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A Better Night’s Rest Starts Here

* Personalized, monogrammed sleep mask
* Made of canvas and smooth satin lining
* Available in three different color combinations

Let’s face it, if you don’t get at least eight hours of serious knocked-out zzz’s in a pristine pitch-black sanctuary with perfectly-monitored temperature control, then you’re utterly useless for the entire next day. Am I right? Maybe?

Okay, so eight hours of sleep is a bit of a pipe dream for most of us. But if you’ve been dreaming of knocking out for a steady night of uninterrupted shut-eye, then this monogrammed eye mask is your secret weapon to making those dreams come true. Whether you’re on a plane or holding off the early morning sunrise, you’re sure to sleep better and longer.

Made from canvas and featuring a satin-smooth lining, this comfy sleep aid promises to lock out light to create that pitch-black boudoir your over-stimulated brain is begging for. Plus, the stylish monogrammed design makes it a thoughtful gift for someone who deserves a personalized touch. You can add up to three letters in three different color combinations.

Sleep truly is the magical health pill we’ve all been looking for. From a happier demeanor to greater focus, a good night’s rest adds so much to our lives. Ready to feel your best? Slip on this cute eye mask and slip off into a dreamy world of better health.

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