Helpful Hydration: 9 Water Bottles to Motivate You Through a Workout

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* Fun, durable water bottles covered in motivational phrases
* Many also contain hydration measurement tools to monitor your water intake
* We’ve also spied a couple great protein shakers

Need that extra push to get you out of bed and to the gym in the mornings? These water bottles are inscribed with helpful phrases to get you motivated and stayed inspired to get on-the-go.

1. Push Harder

Decorated with the powerful quote, “Push Harder Than Yesterday If You Want A Different Tomorrow,” this 28 oz. bottle is a classic protein shaker, that comes with a blender ball for even smoother shakes. It’s dishwasher safe and Phthalate-free.

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2. Drop It

If you’re looking for something with a little more humor, this shaker has the cheeky phrase “Drop It Like A Squat.” It also comes with a blender ball, and is great for carrying shakes you can grab before or after your workout.

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3. Pizza

Another bottle that will make you crack up, it voices the sentiment many of us feel after an intense workout: “I deserve some pizza after this.” Made of stainless steel, it will keep your drinks cooler and fit most standard cup holders.

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4. Inspirational

Want a water bottle that will help motivate you to workout? This one features the saying, “Better Starts Today,” as well as time markers and measurements that help you easily maintain hydration. The lid also has an easily removable silicone infuser, so you can add flavorful fruit or veggie enhancements.

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5. Keep Going

Also from Aquaneu, this bright bottle features the saying, “Keep going, be the best version of you, inspire everyone around you, you are made of awesome, because you are worth it, never give up.” BPA-free, this bottle is shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and eco-friendly.

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6. Get Better

This bold bottle uses an eye-catching black and gold color scheme to highlight the mantra, “It doesn’t get easier, you just get better,” that covers the front. Easy to carry with you when you’re hiking, biking or at the gym, it’s made from Eastman Tritan Copolyester, which is durable and more safe, that using a normal plastic water bottle. Comes in additional colors, too.

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7. Double Wall

This bottle is filled with inspirational phrases covering the front, including “Eat Healthy” and “Smile Often.” It’s double-walled to retain heat or keep your drink cool, and comes with the straw included.

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8. Motivational

The company behind this is called “Motivational Bottles,” so you know what they had in mind when they created it. Inscribed with the phrase “Be strong, you never know who you are inspiring,” as well as time stamps on the back that come with motivational phrases to encourage you to keep drinking water throughout the day.

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 9. Good Vibes

Emit positivity with this fun purple bottle, that encourages “Good Vibes Only.” Dish washer safe, it can hold 34 oz, and is BPA free.

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