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Sudden Sleepers: The 5 Best OTC Supplements for Narcolepsy Symptoms

* Narcolepsy is an inconvenient condition which involves bouts of drowsiness
* Sufferers may also experience weakness and disruptive hallucinations
* These OTC supplements may prevent and alleviate some narcolepsy symptoms

Do you ever experience bouts of drowsiness during your day to day life? Do these last seconds to several minutes at one time? If you do, you may suffer from the rare condition of narcolepsy. This sleep-inducing condition can be quite debilitating as these attacks of tiredness can occur with unpredictable frequency.

Additionally, sufferers of narcolepsy can experience irregular sleep patterns, muscle weakness and a form of hallucination before or after sleep. All in all, narcolepsy and its associated symptoms are unpleasant to say the least.

However, there are some dietary supplements that may counteract some of these debilitating symptoms when they strike. From L-Tyrosine to boost your daily energy levels to vitamin B12 to keep you awake and feeling strong, it’s worth giving these over the counter options a go to lessen the disruption to your day.

1. NOW Foods L-Tyrosine

Enhance your natural energy with the

. L-Tyrosine is required in the synthesis of many thyroid hormones and adrenaline. By adding 1 to 3 of these dietary capsules to your daily intake, you’ll enjoy a boost in your energy levels to keep any sleepy feelings at bay. In addition, the supplement promotes healthy glandular function and a natural stress response. It can also be taken alongside NOW® L-Phenylalanine and Acetyl L-Carnitine for a further boost.

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2. Nature Made Vitamin B12

One of the most popular supplements, B12 is a wide acting vitamin that’s important to a number of important functions. Because it’s known to convert food into cellular energy to ensure red blood cell formation and nervous system function remain healthy, this effective supplement will help keep tiredness and any feeling of weakness at bay. Inside

, you’ll find 200 tablets, which is enough for 200 days. In addition, B12 supplements are commonly taken by vegans and vegetarians who don’t eat as many foods rich in B12.

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3. Divine Beauty Acetyl L-Carnitine Capsules


deliver a boost for your energy levels and provide increased mental focus. Each bottle contains 120 capsules for a 2-month supply. In addition to the energy boost, you’ll also find these supplements may increase weight loss, improve memory and even help with depression. The tablets are made from the highest quality ingredients, which help to maximize the effectiveness of the supplement.

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4. Arazo Nutrition 5-HTP Supplement


are derived from plants and represent an important piece in the production of serotonin, which is vital to the regulation of anxiety, happiness and your overall mood. The high-potency capsules use ingredients extracted from an African bean and include a money-back guarantee if you don’t find them effective. Each bottle contains 120 tables, which is enough to last up to 2 months.

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5. Dr. Tobias Omega 3 Fish Oil

has an impressive list of benefits. From improved cardiovascular health to fighting inflammation, 2 of these softgels will provide you with noticeable improvement in multiple areas. You may also enjoy better sleep along with smoother joints and better brain health, too. Plus, these fish oil supplements feature an enteric coating to minimize the fishy aftertaste.

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