This Natural Deodorant Actually Works

Natural Deodorant That Works: Clean Queen
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* Vegan deodorant free from harsh chemicals and aluminum
* Clean and refreshing smell for long-lasting odor defense
* Includes soothing aloe to cool skin and prevent irritation

With all the confusing information about the long-term effects of deodorants and antiperspirants that contain aluminum, it often feels like a safer option to just cut out all harmful chemicals altogether. The Clean Queen Vegan Deodorant allows you to do just that. With its natural composition and clean smell, you’ll never have to worry again.

The Clean Queen Deodorant is a chemical-free way to keep yourself smelling great throughout the day. This body product comes in a 2.0 oz. (57g) pastel colored twist-up stick. Using a combination of plant starches, natural odor neutralizers and conditioners, you’ll be able to enjoy fresh-smelling and clean underarms while staying completely free of the aluminium found in many antiperspirants.

Inside the deodorant, you will also find soothing aloe which helps to keep your skin cool and irritation free. The formula used to create the stick uses a hypoallergenic cream-to-powder method so that the deodorant leaves no white marks, streaking or wetness after application.

Produced by Tarte, a company whose name has become synonymous with the ability to mix high performance with glamour and health, you’ll find that your all-natural deodorant provides everything Tarte is known for. And with the forward thinking of this wellness company, you can rest assured that this deodorant is a cruelty-free product. In addition, proceeds from Clean Queen help support women-focused groups and cooperatives in the rainforest.

With its combination of beneficial ingredients and chemical-free composition, Clean Queen Deodorant will give your underarms the attention they need in a healthy and natural way.

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