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Here’s Why This Odd Neck Hammock is Quickly Becoming an Amazon Best-Seller

* This Neck Hammock can be used for pain relief and physical therapy
* A daily 10-minute use of the hammock stretches and decompresses the neck
* The portable device can be used anywhere you find a pole, door jamb or handle

Finding effective ways to deal with neck pain and discomfort isn’t easy. Most neck problems require a trip to the chiropractor’s office or clunky, at-home devices. However,

is a super portable device that has been created by physical therapists to be used for pain relief anywhere you can find an anchoring point. The hammock works to relieve tension in the neck area and is ideal for daily use.

The device itself looks like a hanging hammock made specifically for your head. By gently allowing the head to be pulled away from the neck and shoulders, the hammock creates increased blood flow to your upper body and decompresses the neck by stretching these important areas. Over time, regular use of the hammock can decrease local pain and increase the mobility you experience around your neck and shoulders.

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What’s great about the hammock is that it can make a difference to your comfort with just a 10 minute ‘workout’ every day. Who can’t find 10 minutes for relaxation in a day? The versatile design makes it easy to use no matter where you find yourself. Whether it’s a fun weekend away, at the gym or even at work, as long as you can find a place to anchor the hammock, you can use it!

The two sewn-in straps are made to wrap around any pole, railing, door or wall anchoring point to give your head the support it needs during a stretch treatment. The simple setup makes it quick and easy to use the hammock, and the straps are easily adjustable to ensure your head sits at the most comfortable height for you.

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Image courtesy of Amazon

To complete the relaxing experience, you’ll find a face mask inside the kit to help you cut out any external distractions and a door hanger to inform everyone that you do not wish to be disturbed. There’s also a drawstring carry bag for easy storage and transportation.


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