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This Nicotine-Free “Vape Pen” is Actually Full of Energy-Boosting B Vitamins

* A nicotine-free vaporizer infused with B-vitamins
* Citrus flavored and non-addictive 
* B-vitamins give natural energy boost 

“Vaping,” or the use of e-cigarettes has been around for a while now, and while tobacco vape pens are not good for you, this nicotine-free “vape pen” is full of B-vitamins. It’s a little like vitamin beverage in vape form, except unlike vitamin drinks it doesn’t contain lots of sugar. So if you’re not into getting hooked on nicotine but really do like the idea of getting to blow large clouds of whitish vapor while hanging around the local bike shop or pressed juice bar, this vitamin b vaping pen could be your new oral fixation.

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While it may or may not have any actual health benefits aside from giving you an energy boost, this flavored, this vitamin vape is at least free of the addictive and potentially harmful nicotine found in regular tobacco vape juice. E-cigs with nicotine are highly popular and despite some initial claims that they were a good alternative to smoking cigarettes, recent medical studies suggest that vaping nicotine is still bad for you. Nicotine in vapor form irritates the airway membranes and can contribute to bronchitis, as well as being of course addictive. B vitamin inhalation, on the other hand, hasn’t been studied much recently but was used medicinally as an early treatment for anemia and low energy due to vitamin deficiency. So maybe don’t use it as a substitute for eating a balanced diet, and don’t throw away your juicer, but the vitamin vape is at least probably much better for you than a nicotine e-cigarette.