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Still Nervous About Going to the Gym? This NordicTrack Treadmill Delivers a Killer Workout in the Safety of Your Own Home

It looks like we’re going to be social distancing and quarantining for a while longer, and despite the mask-wearing and safety measures being taken in many places, gyms still don’t quite feel safe for many. It makes sense — a giant room filled with people sweating, breathing and communally touching all the equipment is basically a disaster waiting to happen in the days of COVID-19. So, what can be done? Is it finally time to splurge on a Peloton?

Maybe, but if running is more your thing the NordicTrack treadmills are also a quarantine exercise life-saver when it comes to getting movement in the safety of your home. We know, treadmill running can’t really replace outdoor or trail running — but since winter is coming and we all want to keep moving this treadmill gets pretty darn close. NordicTrack makes high-tech treadmills that are built with all sorts of smart features for giving you the best workout possible wherever you put one.

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Courtesy of Amazon
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Courtesy of Amazon

This treadmill from NordicTrack is the 6.5Si model in their T-series, one of their latest models for transformative home fitness. It’s got a 10-inch screen for streaming their in-home iFit trainer-led classes. A one-month membership to their iFit program is included in your purchase and it features running, strength, cycling, yoga and other classes for getting and staying in shape anywhere.

Speaking of anywhere, their iFit program also has a feature that enables you to build a running path anywhere in the world from your treadmill, so if you’re missing traveling during the current health crisis, this treadmill may be the perfect one for you.

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It has a 10° incline, one-touch controls on the screen and a Dual CardioGrip heart rate monitor. It also comes with a 1.9″ roller and a SpaceSaver feature that enables you to fold it up and store it easily so it won’t take up undue space in your home.

It has an auxiliary music port and 2-inch speakers for entertainment and so you can stream high-quality, motivational guided running classes without the need to wear headphones. There are new workouts daily on their streaming platform and you get access to personalized fitness data with every run so you can set goals and track your progress right on the machine.

You can adjust between 0-10mph speeds and their FlexSelect cushioning is designed to give you a lower impact workout and simulate outdoor running on a treadmill that’s made to be used indoors. It also has a SMART-response drive system built in that has a low vibration and is self-cooling, so it and you won’t miss a beat throughout your workout.