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This Celeb-Approved Facial Tool Promises Firmer Skin

* Instant Uplift by Nurse Jamie with tourmaline stones
* Firming facial tool uses rhythmic rolling action for firmer skin
* Easy to use and gentle on skin

Ever since we heard about Kim Kardashian getting “Cupping Facials” from celebrity facialist Nurse Jamie, we knew we had to see what the brand was all about. The namesake skincare line is blowing up on the beauty scene, with rave reviews gracing style blogs, customer feedback pages and other go-to pillars of the industry.

Nurse Jamie is a skincare expert to the stars, introducing transformative formulas and at-home treatments that are scientifically proven and unlike anything else on the market. Cutting-edge tools and technical advances create skin perfecting and anti-aging products that are safe and effective. The result? Highly coveted, non-surgical beauty solutions that we just had to try for ourselves.

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The Instant Uplift by Nurse Jamie is a facial firming beauty tool that produces a natural lifting effect, allowing you to sculpt firmer skin — pain-free — from the comfort of your own home. The cool hexagonal design features 24 tourmaline quartz stones that lift, energize and enhance the skin, along with a handle and rotating head for maximum efficiency.

Using a rhythmic rolling action, the tool works directly on the skin to improve tone, texture and appearance of fine lines and bring out your natural skin surface. Hold it like a wand or toothbrush and gently massage the contours of your face.

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