Say Yes to Yoga: 5 Online Courses To Help Pose Your Way To Perfection

online yoga class
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When we talk about yoga, two points seem to reach a consensus: first, anyone who’s ever tried yoga loves it. We like the deep breathing, we feel so much better from the stretching, and all agree that consistent practice will better our muscle tone and posture. The second point on which we agree is that no one has time to make it to class consistently.

A solution the Spy team likes is online yoga courses from Udemy. For less than $20 each, you get lifetime access to the course of your selection. You can also watch the instructional videos on your mobile device and TV, and email the instructors directly for personal tips and tricks. Check out our favorite training courses for Yogis of all ages. The best part: each course is only $19 for a limited time.

1. Yoga For Absolute Beginners (3 Hours)
Developed by British-born yoga instructor Claire Hartley, this course is designed to teach you basic yoga poses. The course aims to help you build flexibility and strength, understand common misalignment issues and teach the proper yoga breathing technique. It will prepare you to complete a full 50-minute yoga class.

Yoga For Absolute Beginners

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2. Beginner’s Yoga Workout System For Inflexible People (1.5 Hours)
The name says it all. If you can’t touch your toes, this is the yoga course for you. It was developed for men and women of all ages with the goal of building muscle, losing weight and sculpting your core, as well as soothing aching muscles and reducing the risk of injury.

Beginner’s Yoga Workout System For Inflexible People

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3. Yin Yoga to Heal & Restore (5 Hours)
Developed by yoga teacher Kassandra Reinhardt, this course is designed to boost your overall health by reducing anxiety while promoting muscle flexibility and joint health. A focus on deep tissue training melts away tension in the upper body, reduces lower back pain and leaves you feeling relaxed.

Yin Yoga to Heal & Restore

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4. The 21-Day Yoga Shred (8.5 Hours)
Yoga Shred & E-RYT 300 founder Sadie Nardini has a fast and fun yoga program that takes your fitness to the next level. You’ll look like you’ve been training for two hours every day, when really you only spend 5-20 minutes in action.

The 21 Day Yoga Shred

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5. 30-Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet Transformation System (10 Hours)
Created by “The Anthony Robbins of Yoga” Dashama Konah, 30DYC is the Yoga version of P90X. Designed for all training levels, 30DYC will maximize your results in an hour or less of daily practice. It also includes Louise Hay’s “You Can Heal Your Life” philosophy, helping you create your own happiness.

30 Day Yoga Challenge & Detox Diet Transformation System

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