This Wearable Product Is Revolutionizing Chronic Pain Management

Pain Relief Device Quell
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* Manage pain without medication
* FDA-cleared for use for both night and day
* Designed for back, leg, foot, nerve and arthritis pain

Unfortunately for most of us, there comes a time when chronic pain just becomes a part of life. Be it a sports injury, accident, or just time taking its toll, managing daily discomfort can take on many forms, from medication to acupuncture. So to add to your arsenal of solutions is the Quell Wearable Pain Relief. It works through intensive nerve stimulation that’s been clinically proven to aid in pain management. Worn just below the knee, it pulls on and looks not dissimilar to an athletic support. Activate it by clicking a button, allowing Quell to stimulate natural pain blockers.

Quell Wearable Pain Relief

Quell Wearable Pain Relief


For those looking for options beyond medication, this pain relief device is especially good news. 100% drug-free and doctor recommended, Quell has been cleared by the FDA for use while active or sleeping.

Patented OptiTherapy technology will automatically adjust therapy and dose to ensure you get optimal relief, while a Quell app allows you to stop and start therapy sessions from the ease of your smartphone. Designed to address a host of common pain problems, like back, leg, foot, nerve and arthritis issues, each starter kit comes with one Quell device, a wearable sports band, a one month supply of electrodes (2 electrodes), and one charger cable and adapter.

While chronic pain can be a nuisance at best and debilitating at worst, Quell’s revolutionary technology is a welcome new alternative to coping with that reality, and with time, hopefully altering it for the better.

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