Relieve Muscle Pain With These Professional Grade Personal Massagers

percussion handheld massagers
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* Handheld percussion massagers provide targeted muscle pain relief
* They massage muscles using hundreds of strokes per minute
* These 6 handheld massagers are professional grade and have great reviews

Whether you frequently workout or you experience muscle tension due to stress, a massage can make a world of difference to your pain levels. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a masseuse 24/7. In lieu of seeking professional treatments, a personal, handheld massager is the next best thing.

Percussion massagers work by providing several beats per minute to a pinpointed part of the body. With such repetitive strokes, these massagers convince muscles to loosen up, resulting in less muscle tension and pain relief.

If you could use a massage more often than not, consider investing in one of these professional grade personal massagers. They will help relieve your muscle pain and are much easier on the wallet than heading to the spa on a weekly basis.

1. iLuxjoy Handheld Power Wand Massager

Quiet yet efficient, the iLuxjoy Handheld Power Wand Massager offers relief from muscle tension and body aches and pains. It can be used on your feet, legs, hips, waist, back and neck. The premium grade silicone head provides complete comfort during the massage, and the ten vibration patterns allow you to personalize your experience. As an added bonus, the maximum noise level of the massager on full power is only 40 decibels.

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2. TheraFlow Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

As a true deep tissue percussion massager, the TherFlow device can rid your body of muscle pain. This personal massager boasts varying massage intensity as well as three massager attachments for a customizable experience. The dual point attachment is great for your back and shoulders, while the shiatsu attachment offers a focused acupoint massage, which feels particularly good on the feet. Finally, the bristle attachment is pure heaven when used on the scalp or neck.

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3. Magic Makers Handheld Back Massager

Like the TheraFlow Massager, the Magic Makers Handheld Back Massager offers adjustable massage strengths and changeable heads, but it has two additional advantages. First, this massager offers a circular handle for better control. Second, the Magic Makers Massager adds heat therapy as an additional method for providing muscle tension relief. With great reviews and a decent price point, the Magic Makers Back Massager is a solid choice.

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4. Homedics Percussion Action Massager

The Homedics Percussion Action Massager certainly looks more intense than the first few options on this list. It boasts dual pivoting heads for a more professional-feeling massage. It also weighs less than two and a half pounds, making it easier to hold in a single position for a period of time. In addition, the deep kneading function has four different settings of up to 3100 pulses per minute and is complimented by an optional heat feature.

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5. InvoSpa Handheld Percussion Back Massager

The super sleek InvoSpa Handheld Percussion Back Massager is a technologically advanced muscle tension remedy. It boasts an LCD screen to show which of the 12 percussion massaging modes you’re using. There is also an easy-to-use button for increasing and decreasing the speed of the massager. Plus, this model comes with six interchangeable massage nodes for every part of your body.

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6. Exerscribe Vybe Personal Percussion Massage Gun

It may look more like a power drill than a personal massager, but the Exerscribe Vybe was design by gym junkies for post-workout muscle relief. The “massage gun” boasts a 90 degree rotating arm, three interchangeable heads and the ability to perform a percussion massage at up to 2500 strokes per minute. One of the most unique features of this personal massager is the trigger function. Simply hit the trigger to turn the massager on and hit it again to turn it off. The Vybe is also wireless and comes with two rechargeable batteries.

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