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The Best Posture Correctors to Help Quickly Straighten You Out

Most of us, save for perhaps ex-military, could stand to improve our posture. It’s an easy thing to overlook when most fitness goals are focused on building muscle or setting a new personal record. But just like eating right and drinking plenty of water, having good posture is one of those things that will improve your overall physical health.

From an appearance standpoint, poor posture makes you seem less confident. But more importantly, bad posture comes with a litany of health problems. They include obvious things like back and shoulder pain, as well as surprising things like fatigue, poor circulation, and even headaches. And with our eyes constantly pointed down toward our phones, it’s a problem that’s likely only gotten worse for our generation.

If reminding yourself to work on your posture and remembering your mom’s constant critiques aren’t enough to help you improve your posture, it’s worth considering a back brace. Many of them are designed to be discreet enough to be worn under clothing, and they have adjustable straps to ensure proper support without too much discomfort. These are some of our favorite posture correctors for men.

1. Truweo Posture Corrector

This posture corrector is designed to be worn for 20-30 minutes at a time initially. The wearer is supposed to increase up to an hour once it becomes more comfortable, and eventually stop wearing it once posture has improved. The backpack style harness has movable straps and a velcro grip on the shoulders, so it’s easy to adjust but holds securely. It can be worn under or over clothing.

Pros: Adjustable, fits men and women, can be worn under clothing.

Cons: May not be tight enough for smaller people.

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2. MARAKYM Posture Corrector

This adjustable posture corrector has the same harness shape of the Truweo brace, but the strap that goes between the shoulder is thinner and not padded. That can make it less comfortable for some, but it may also be more discreet when worn under clothing. It adjusts with velcro, rather than straps, making it easy to tighten.

Pros: Adjusts easily with velcro, fits men and women, made from breathable neoprene.

Cons: Padding is limited, which may make it uncomfortable when worn directly on the skin.

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3. FY Posture Corrector

Like the other options, this posture brace uses velcro straps for easy and secure adjustments. Perforations along the straps make it breathable. The wide, padded back portion helps to effectively hold the shoulders in place. As an added benefit, it’s the least expensive option on this list.

Pros: Perforated shoulder straps make it more breathable, most affordable option on this list.

Cons: May be too small for some.

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