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Pull On a Powerlifting Singlet and Pull Off a PR Without Extra Fabric Weighing You Down

A powerlifting singlet might seem like a ridiculous purchase for the average dude just looking to burn off a few calories, and it is. They’re the uniform of powerlifters for a reason: powerlifting singlets are made for the sole purpose of optimizing movement. Think: Olympic men’s swimsuits, cycling shorts and those tight outfits worn lugeing. They show off thighs so competition judges can monitor form and they’re lightweight for minimal resistance when thrusting 500+ pounds of steel off the ground.

They’re also perfect for regular guys who want streamlined gear and don’t care what they look like building up to a benchpress PR. They’re very comfortable, easy to move in, and great at wicking sweat. There are tight, compression singles designed for competition that stimulate blood flow and help keep muscles braced, and then regular nylon/spandex ones that make squats a breeze, literally. If unapologetic pursuit is the name of the game, then slipping into a singlet is a great move. They’re also, by definition, required for guys who want to become heavy, heavy lifters.

They may not look cool, and some weird looks are to be expected, but looking the part for those big weights can help overcome crucial mental hurdles and commit. Looking the part is half the battle.

The other half is knowing which one to pick out. That’s where SPY comes in.

The Best Weightlifting Singlets: At a Glance

best overall

Inzer Power Compression Powerlifting Singlet

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Virus Elevate V3 Singlet

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best for casual lifters

Inzer Powerlifting Singlet

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fun pick

Kamensry Weightlifting Singlet

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best budget

Adidas Men’s Solid Singlet

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most comfortable

Nike Grappler Elite Wrestling Singlet

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What The Experts Say

SPY chatted with both Rick Donohoe of Calisthenics 101, an instructional platform for bodyweight strength exercises, and Dr Sergii Putsov a professional weightlifter, coach, and national competitor in weightlifting, to find out why a good weightlifting singlet is worth owning.

Donohoe is a big fan of how much easier they make it to see the body during movement. He noted, “the singlet’s form-fitting design can help provide visual feedback on body positioning and alignment, which can further improve technique and prevent injury.” He said that this can result in pushing a little harder with each rep because the lifter can see their muscles working.

He also noted that they can help regulate body temperature because “There is less fabric covering your body, and you’ll find most singlets are made with breathable fabric which wicks away sweat.” Plus their design is a godsend for men who chafe.

Putsov noted that for professional lifters, the criteria for powerlifting singlets look a little different. He explained that “for powerlifting, you can’t just wear a random singlet. This gear must be legal and produced by any IPF-approved sports brand, and should preserve specific technical requirements of the IPF or federation that you compete in.”

This is because some powerlifting singlet designs brace the core so much that it’s considered cheating during competition. The federation can vary depending on where the competition is, so it’s worth keeping an eye on. For regular weightlifters, fabric singlets designed with high-quality fabric come are plenty to enjoy the benefits.

best overall

The extra compression of this singlet is designed to help keep blood flow up even as the session gets heavier, to give the user extra support when they really need it. The design is simple and no-frills and because of the large fit it can also be used in competitions. It pairs well with a scoop-neck benching shirt and is one of the best options on this list for serious lifters.



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Aside from being the one that Putsov recommended most highly, it’s clear this is an excellent weightlifting singlet. It has improved durability on both the quads and shoulders, making squats far more secure, and has a special BioCeramic Fabric that allows it to be far comfier and also way more durable. It’s also approved for official competitions, so if that’s what the aim is, this is the singlet for the job.

best for casual lifters

This singlet is a little cheaper than many on this list and leaves a lot of extra movement room around the shoulders, which makes it great for isolation movements like shrugs or those with a wide movement range. It’s better suited for more casual lifters than the previous two options and comes in a few basic colors.

fun pick


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Everyone who lifts weights wants to look like Goku from Dragon Ball Z. This Singlet has a bright, albeit unique visage printed on it, but still has plenty of functionality too. It’s built with a mix of polyester and spandex for great comfort and flexibility, dries quickly, and looks great too.

best budget

Adidas is a brand that many people already know and trust, so it makes sense to go for a powerlifting singlet from them. This one is made from 100% nylon performance lycra, has a pull-on closure, and is quad-length too. It’s comfortable, it covers what it needs to cover, and doesn’t have unnecessary fabric up top.

most comfortable

While this powerlifting singlet is technically designed for wrestling, it still fits the bill for weightlifting. It’s made of a polyester and spandex mix so it’s both durable and incredibly flexible, has soft arm and neck openings to help it be more comfortable, and has full-mesh back and lower-leg panels to help airflow.

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