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The Best Precut Kinesiology Tape For Avid Athletes and Gym Rats

* KT tape helps athletes with injuries and recovery 
* Precut tape for easy application to the body
* An acrylic adhesive for knees, shoulders and the whole body 

Hitting the gym, running daily and aggressive sports commitments take a toll on the body, requiring necessary fitness maintenance that goes beyond stretching and eating right. Kinesiology tape has made waves in the health and fitness world because of its fast-acting benefits to address physical injuries and help athletes recover from intense muscle activation. The elastic tape is designed from a flexible acrylic material that sticks to the skin and works by providing stability for the muscles and joints that are being taped off. This helps to heal the muscles by lifting the skin to increase lymphatic draining and also alleviates pain by reducing inflammation to those specific parts of the body being addressed. It is a simple way to address physical discomfort, over-worked muscles and persistent injuries that need a little extra support. The best part is that the non-invasive tape can be used while maintaining high levels of activity and you will barely notice the tape is even there.

We love a good hack that helps you maximize your fitness results, like this fat burning weight trainer, and this handy KT tape is one item that you should include in your gym bag for easy access to a quick-working solution to your injuries and aiding with overall mobility. These three precut KT tape adhesives are easy to apply and are designed for a variety of uses around the body, including on knees, shoulders and calves, so, you can focus on the workout at hand while your muscles get the support you need.

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1. Udaily Kinesiology Tape Precut 

This pack includes three rolls of tape offered in a variety of colors like black and neutral and are precut so you can easily tear each section off without cutting it. All you have to do is place them on the area that needs attention. They are latex-free and very comfortable and can even be worn for days in a row without a problem. There are 20 strips all cut at 10 inches in length, which makes them excellent for placing onto knees, shoulders and elbows.

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2. KT Tape Strips for Knees

This specific design is meant for knees that can oftentimes be the most problematic part of the body for athletes, skiers, runners and aggressive gym rats alike. They are ideal for injuries of the knee as well as those who struggle with weaker knees that need extra support when lifting weights or hiking outdoors because of its ergonomic design that fits nicely on the outer and inner knee joint and will stay put even during rigorous and sweat-inducing activities.

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3. Elastic Therapeutic Tape

This high-end elastic KT tape is from the leading brands in this category of fitness gear. It is designed from a 100% synthetic fabric that is both breathable and water resistant. The reflective tape roll includes 150 precut 10-inch pieces that have rounded edges to prevent fraying and can be used pretty much anywhere on the body. This is the best option for those who will be utilizing tape on the regular and need a hefty stash to rely on.

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