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Oculus Thrift: The 5 Best Products Under $20 For Alleviating Eye Strain

* New products to help your eyes relax
* Blue light fatigue is often associated with staring at a screen for too long
* Choose from screen protectors to eye drops, LED lamps and more

Are your eyes feeling the strain of looking at a screen all day? With so much of our days spent checking our phones, tablets and computers, it’s no surprise your eyes may feel more fatigued than ever. Fortunately, there are a few gadgets you can use to help keep your eyes relaxed.

Here are five must-have products to help give your eyes a break, without breaking the bank.

1. Similasan Computer Eye Relief Eye Drops

These homeopathic drops help keep your eyes feelin’ fine. Just squeeze two or three drops into your eye for instant relief. Best of all, these eye drops are made with top quality ingredients and don’t contain any harsh chemicals.


2. iPhone 8 Glass Screen Protector

Sleek, smooth and super useful, this screen protector for iPhone models offers a 3D touch sensing and a scratch-proof design to help keep your phone’s screen pristine. Plus, a built-in blue light filter helps prevent eye fatigue by making your phone’s screen both brighter and safer.

[caption id="attachment_102828" align="aligncenter" width="300"]iPhone 8 Glass Screen Protector Image courtesy of Amazon[/caption]



Give your eyes a rest with this handy LED desk lamp. An easy-to-use touch dimmer lets you adjust the lamp’s brightness, while 360-degree rotation lets you place the light anywhere you want. With three levels of luminance, you can adjust this lamp based on your eye’s specific needs.


4. LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses

These sleek and stylish are effectively able to cut blue light absorption by 39%. More than that, they’re able to block 99.99% of hazardous light. Great for gamers, digital readers and more, these glasses make it easier to watch your TV or desktop screen without exhausting your eyes.


5. Skineat Electric Silicone Eye Massager

For when you want to give your eyes a little love, this electric eye massager offers five modes and speeds to help massage, soothe and help relax your eyes. As an added benefit, this massager may even help your eyes look younger and more relaxed.