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Profee Protein Coffee Is Dripping Everywhere

Have you heard of Profee? It’s a rather silly moniker, but it’s a combination of the words protein and coffee, and social media means that the name is probably here to stay. It may well be all over the place if you’re on TikTok or Instagram a lot, but does that mean it’s good for you and is it tasty?

The real question for a lot of people is whether or not Profee could replace the best protein snacks, or even have you switching away from the best coffee subscriptions that a lot of people use to get their daily caffeine boost. So, let’s dive into this new trend and our thoughts on it.

Profee For Everyone

The aim of Profee is to take a drink you have for pleasure (or necessity depending on how many kids you have) and turn it into something more functional and healthy. Now, coffee isn’t innately unhealthy, and if you’re the kind of person that drinks an americano black or just a shot of espresso, then you’re pretty much golden when it comes to the empty calorie issue presented by sweeter drinks like lattes or mochas.

Profee boosts your coffee with a protein hit, which is a macronutrient a lot of people actually struggle to get their daily fix of. The average person needs around 0.8g of protein per kg, and if the average person weighs 90kg, as per google, then you need 72g of protein. That’s actually a fair chunk, but it goes up substantially if you’re someone who weight trains, does martial arts, or basically any other kind of fitness.

Because a lot of people don’t want to go around snacking on hummus or steak all day to help boost their protein intake, and not everyone likes protein shakes as is, Profee is here to help. The Cold Brew by Infinit, which we’ve linked below, packs in 20 grams of whey protein into each serving, and less than 10 grams of sugar too. It’s undoubtedly a healthy drink, but should you commit to it?

It depends on what you’re using it for. As a personal trainer, I’d never recommend people get their protein exclusively from sources outside of what they eat. However, protein shakes, and now Profee, do offer an easy way to top up your intake if you’re struggling. The best thing to do is just try it and see how you feel about it, but it’s worth noting that there’s no harm in just drinking coffee because it’s nice, not everything has to be healthy or functional to have value.