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Reach Your Pryme With This Water Bottle

* Pryme Vessyl customizes to suit your individual hydration needs
* Connects with Fitbit, Jawbone Up and Apple Health
* Can store hot and cold fluids

We all know hydration is key — we can’t survive without it. However, despite what you may have heard about drinking eight glasses or two liters a day, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The award-winning Pryme Vessyl is able to generate hydration solutions that are unique to you. It takes into account your height, weight and gender, all while connecting to Fitbit, Jawbone Up or Apple Health to monitor your activity levels.

Tilt your Vessyl to activate a discrete display on the front that shows your Pryme status. When the lit-up line starts dropping, it’s time to hydrate and water up. A wire-free charging coaster keeps your bottle powered.

The glass interior is designed to hold both hot and cold fluids, and won’t retain flavors, so you can have any beverage of your choice. The lid is spill-resistant, and separates into two parts for easy cleaning. The blue light means optimal hydration, and through connecting to the app, you can get personalized messages and notifications.

Being hydrated means better skin, better mental capabilities and greater physical endurance. It means being at your prime.

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