Take Out Your Stress (or Anger) on One of These Home Gym Punching Bags

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If you’ve ever seen Rocky, you have almost certainly considered taking up boxing. Or, if you’re too young for that film reference, maybe Creed, The Fighter or even Southpaw inspired you to get in the ring. Either way, boxing is truly one of the most intense sports. But with commitment, it can provide a release that few other sports or types can deliver. The best and easiest way to get into boxing from the comfort of your own home is to invest in one of the best punching bags.

The Benefits of Taking Up Boxing

Not only is punching things a great way to rid yourself of your inner aggression and stress, but it’ll also get you into pretty great shape, too. Here are some of the major benefits of boxing:

  • Stress Relief – Exercise, in general, is great for lowering levels of stress and boxing is no exception. Having a heavy bag to aim for and to feel against your punching fist improves the experience of a boxing workout. Punching bags can release muscle tension and increase the production of endorphins, both of which help to promote an overall feeling of relaxation. 
  • Anger Control – You can think of a punching bag as a bigger, heavier stress ball. In the same way, squeezing a handheld piece of foam can direct your anger towards something more preferable than another person in the room, a punching bag can help release that tension and pent-up frustration. 
  • Muscle Strength – While punching into thin air can be a beneficial exercise, hitting a punching bag increases resistance, which can help you to build strength and power. Multiple muscles throughout your body, from the shoulders to the legs, are engaged when you are punching correctly, which makes exercising with a punching bag a full-body workout.
  • Self-Defense – Although we hope you never need to use it, having a mean right-hook or cheeky uppercut might get you out of a sticky situation in the future. Training to be stronger and healthier can also improve your confidence, which may deter potential villains from trying to interfere with you in the first place.

While films may make us believe the only way to get into boxing is by heading to the gym, finding a trainer who doesn’t want to do it and then overcoming an obstacle that is seemingly impossible, the truth is boxing can be as easy as buying a punching bag, setting it up in your garage at home and punching it as hard as you want. Here is a selection of the best punching bags that will take whatever beating you give them.


1. Protocol Punching Bag with Stand


Whether you’re experienced in the ring or starting out fresh, the Protocol Punching Bag with Stand is a solid piece of equipment to enhance your training. A punching ball and an adjustable stand are both included in the set along with a pair of black boxing gloves and the all-important base, which helps to keep the structure in place. The easy-to-assemble design of this punching bag makes it suitable for all areas of the home, as long as you have plenty of space (and aren’t next to any fine China).

punching bags protocol Image courtesy of Amazon


2. Tech Tools Punching Bag with Stand


All the benefits mentioned in our introduction can apply to both adults and children, so starting your little champ out from a younger age isn’t a bad idea at all. The Tech Tools Punching Bag with Stand is a child-friendly, colorful setup that can be used to train the basics of boxing and maintain exercise levels, too. Everything you need to get punching is included and the circular blue base of the stand can be filled with water to add weight and prevent it from toppling over.

punching bags tech tools Image courtesy of Amazon


3. NUBARKO Punching Bag


If you’re looking to get into boxing on a budget, one way to save on spending is by filling the bag yourself. The NUBARKO Punching Bag comes with the hanger required to attach to the ceiling, ready for punching, once you’ve filled it. Suggested fillings include sand, sawdust, old clothes and quilts. You can alternatively use low-cost foods, such as soy, mung beans or rice, to fill it, too.

punching bags nubarko Image courtesy of Amazon


4. Everlast Speed Bag


To really improve your boxing skills and prove yourself a champ-to-be, you’ll want to be able to speed punch. With the Everlast Speed Bag, you can train to achieve this elite punching style in the comfort of your home. The bag is made from highly durable, quality leather which can withstand the impact of the many punches to come. It’s nine by six inches in size and can be refilled with air if and when it begins to deflate.

punching bags everlast speed bag Image courtesy of Amazon


5. Atlasonix Inflatable Punching Bag


The Atlasonix Inflatable Punching Bag is the ideal way to begin a journey into boxing. The lightweight, air-filled piece is kind to those it comes into contact with and is less likely to result in an impact injury compared to many of the heavier bags on our list. It’s available in blue, red or yellow and measures just over five feet at its maximum. Although the design is aimed toward a younger audience, this punching bag can be used by adults, too.

atlasonix punching bag Image courtesy of Amazon


6. Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set


This freestanding Tech Tools Boxing Ball Set comes in both adult and child options. So, if you have kids, boxing can become a parent and child activity. The set includes a heavy, durable base, which can withstand your daily workouts, while the ball itself is inflatable and mounted on the end of an adjustable pole. To keep you on your toes, the pole is attached by a heavy-duty spring which ensures your opponent (the ball) is never going to be knocked down, no matter how hard you try.

punching bags on stands boxing ball Image courtesy of Amazon


7. Everlast Heavy-Bag Kit


As one of the most trusted brands in boxing, it’s easy to have confidence in the quality of the Everlast Heavy-Bag Kit. The punching bag, gloves and hand wraps are all included in the kit, along with a bungee cord which can be used to add additional resistance. The bag is stuffed with heavy fibers and weighs 70 pounds. For a top-quality, all-in-one kit, this is a great choice for intermediate to advanced boxers.

everlast 70 pound mma bag Image courtesy of Amazon


8. RDX Punching Bag


Release your anger on the RDX Punching Bag as much as you like, as the non-tear, top-quality material from which the bag is made will withstand impact after impact. It’s packed with a mix of fabrics that are designed to create the ultimate punching surface. Plus, you can choose the color of your bag from a selection of gold, red, black and white, depending on which suits your home gym best.

rdx punching bag Image courtesy of Amazon


9. Twomaples Punching Bag


The Dripex Punching Bag sports a fillable base, which provides impressive stability during workouts. It has twelve suction cups on the underside to further help the bag remain in place during use. At 175 cm tall, it’s great for adults and teens alike. The bag also features dual TPU absorbers, allowing you to hit the bag from any direction without concern. Plus, the springs inside for shock absorption can also be removed should you desire a slightly more intensive workout.

twomaples freestanding punching bag Image courtesy of Amazon


10. FITVEN Punching Bag


Training outside surrounded by fresh air can be a real treat. The FITVEN Punching Bag is ideal for use in your backyard, and it features 360-degree shock absorption technology, so you can attack from all directions. There are four springs located in the base which are sandwiched between two shock absorbers. The company suggests you fill the base with sand; however, you can also use water.

fitven punching bag Image courtesy of Amazon


11. Everlast Powercore Freestanding Heavy Bag


With an adjustable height ranging from 54 to 65 inches, the Everlast Powercore Bag is a great option for those who have more than one person in a household who fancies a boxing workout or wants to practice self-defense moves. The base can be filled with water or sand to provide stability, and the power transfer ring around the pole helps minimize movement after being hit. When the base is filled with water, the bag gives you a nearly 250-pound target to work with. You’ll also find high-grade shock absorbing foam on the outside, which helps prevent any injuries during impact.

punching bags on stands everlast free standing Image courtesy of Amazon


12. Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag


With over 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon, the Century BOB Body Opponent Bag is one of the best-reviewed options on our list. Not only does it provide the same stability, shock absorption and quality as many of the bags on the list, but it also provides a far more lifelike experience as you punch, kick and chop this man-shaped bag. This fact also makes the BOB great for practicing other martial art sports like karate and MMA.

punching bags on stands self-defense dummy Image courtesy of Amazon


13. Everlast Stand with Heavy Bag


The Everlast Stand with Heavy Bag is a freestanding option that can be filled with up to 100 pounds of weight. On the base are three weight spikes, which allow you to increase the stability of the stand by weighing it down with additional plates should you desire. You can also fix the bag in place by screwing the stand onto the floor or any surface you choose. With this in your home, you’ll feel like a professional boxer.

everlast single station heavy bag Image courtesy of Amazon


14. Fightcamp Personal


If you take your boxing seriously and want the best quality training and equipment, Fightcamp’s Personal package is what you need. This free-standing punching bag can be set up in any spacious two-by-two-foot area, whether that’s inside or outside. Furthermore, the bag connects to the included punch trackers which monitor your performance. Premium boxing gloves, quick hand wraps and a heavy workout mat are included in the package along with access to Fightcamp’s app, which is filled with motivational advice and on-demand workouts.

fightcamp personal punching bag Image courtesy of FightCamp


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