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The Celeb-Approved Workout That Promises Long-Term Results – No Squats Required

Whether we’re getting ready to go on vacation, hitting the beach, or prepping for wedding season, there are a lot of reasons why we want to get in shape for the summer. But not all workouts are created equal.

Sure you can spend hundreds of dollars a month on a gym membership (or pay $40 to have someone yell at you in a “friendly” class), but the best motivation for getting in shape may come down to a little TLC.

That’s why more and more people we know are switching over to P.volve – a new low-­impact fitness method that blends physical therapy, functional science and hip-­opening movements to sculpt hard-­to-target areas with ease. The results: you’re toning and lengthening your body by doing natural movements you would do in your everyday life, that your body will thank you — rather than hate you — for. After all, unless you’re a bodybuilder or athlete, you shouldn’t need to train like one.

P.volve has been used by everyone from busy CEOs who need a quick workout, to Victoria’s Secret models looking to get in shape before walking the runway in barely-there lingerie. By swapping out hard, heavy moves with small micro-­movements and stepping patterns, the
workout reduces bulk in your thighs, opens up your hips, lifts your butt, and tightens your abs without a single lunge, crunch or squat. You won’t feel as fatigued and there will be less joint pain since you’re not overdoing it with the big, awkward moves. Recovery time will be a cinch too.

“That’s the whole point of P.volve,” says Stephen Pasterino, the expert and mastermind behind the program, and the “P” behind the “P.volve” name. “Your muscles should be singing [after a workout], not screaming.”

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See More About P.Volve

Pasterino, who has worked with everyone from Nadine Leopold (above) to Devon Windsor, trained at the famous Gray Institute, known for its work with functional science, human chain biomechanics and manual therapy. His goal with P.volve: to help you get long, lean muscle tone and eliminate bulk.

“I realized there was a void in the fitness space for workouts that focus on the female body, particularly targeting hard-to-reach muscles like the glutes and inner thighs,” he says. “A lot of workouts are built on the foundations of bodybuilding and fast-paced exercises, which results in bulky muscles – something my clients didn’t want.”

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Pasterino, who runs a state-of-the-art studio for P.volve in New York, is now making it easy for non-New Yorkers to get in on the action too, thanks to a motivating app, a super simple streaming platform, and Pasterino’s proprietary fitness equipment that he designed himself. The star piece of equipment: the “p.ball.

Unlike dumbbells and complicated machines, the p.ball is designed to target the upper inner-thighs and inner-butt. These muscles are typically dormant and really hard to target, so once you put this ball on, your muscles will automatically start activating. It’s a lot firmer than other fitness balls, and the resistance elastic band that goes around your outer-thighs makes it easy to do hundreds of standing and sitting exercises.

Stream one of P.volve’s beginner-friendly lessons from the comfort of your home, and see how the p.ball can change the way you look at working out.

Find a workout video to follow (you can filter by your body target area and the amount of time you have), grab the ball, and you’ve got an instant fitness setup in your bedroom or living room. You know those at-home fitness bikes people are raving about? We love to spin, but those sessions don’t target as many areas of the body, are often up to an hour long, and the bikes cost thousands of dollars. The p.ball is just $60 and you can get a free trial to the on-demand classes right now.

What we like: deflate the ball if you’re traveling and pack it easily in your bag or carry-on. Just make sure to bring the included mini pump with you, so you can take your workout on the road. The online classes range from 15 minutes to an hour, so you’ll always find time to make it happen.

“Big and bulky” may work for some people, but our goal this summer is to look “long and lean.” That’s why we’re excited to start training with P.volve, to get tone and definition without having to lift weights, pound the rowing machine, or ever set foot on a treadmill. In a recent customer survey, 97% of women found that the p.ball alone was effective in targeting their thighs, butt, and abs after just two weeks of use. And Pasterino says consistent use of the p.ball will help you maintain the body you’re after, while also building strength.

His philosophy: “I don’t just want you to look good. I want you to feel great, and I want it to last for a lifetime. So that’s what I’m going to help you do.”

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This post was sponsored by P.volve, whose products we use and love.