Running In The Dark? You Need These Reflective Running Essentials

The Best Reflective Running Gear
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As the winter closes in, the nights become longer, the days shorter and suddenly all of your post-work runs are dark and wet. And while night running has a lot of positives (cooler temps and a different perspective, to name a few), it also brings dangers with respect to visibility. It is highly, highly (can’t stress this enough), highly important that other runners, cyclists, car drivers, moped riders, milk float cowboys, literally everyone can see you. Don’t take this lightly, accidents of this nature can be very serious.

There are a few things you can do to keep safe. First of all, be sure to turn your music down so you can hear things. Or run without music entirely, so you are more aware of your surroundings. But really, running with reflective gear is one of the best safety measures you can put in place when out for night jog. To do this you need neon-bright clothing and reflective detailing. You can achieve this in the clothes that you wear out: sneakers, socks, shorts or pants, t-shirt, jacket and hat. But in addition, there are multiple accessories you can wear to truly make sure you are a beacon of reflected light.

But once you are glowing like a cartoon nuclear, green fuel-rod (Simpsons), that’s when night running will become exciting!


1. ARMORBILT Reflective Knit Beanie

The full 360 degree reflective striping will give you maximum visibility when jogging in the dark. In addition the neon-fluorescent colors will aid visibility. The softness means no itching and the stretchiness means it will morph to fit to your specific head size. Also, being a beanie, it’ll keep your head nice and toasty.

Armorbilt Reflective Beanie Reflective Running Courtesy of Amazon


2. lululemon x Robert Geller Hooded Jacket

This jacket is constructed of a neon-green nylon Glyde material. Although it isn’t specified exactly what Glyde is, it is claimed to be wind and water-resistant. Because this claim is coming from the Vancouver based Lululemon, we tend to believe it! It comes with reflective trims all round the jacket and is in a brighter than bright neon green, making it blindingly visible in low light.

Lululemon Reflective Raincoat Courtesy of Mr Porter


3. Adidas Ride Up N Run T-Shirt

Constructed of moisture-wicking Climate material, this running shirt is the perfect night-running partner. It has thumbholes to keep the sleeves down and your arms warm. There are cleverly placed reflective stripes that so you’ll be visible from every possible angle.

ADIDAS Reflective Running Top Courtesy of Mr Porter


4. Nike Pegasus Running Sneakers

If it is high-end reflective gear to upgrade your night running outfit you’re after, these Nike Pegasus are the perfect foundation. They come with all the latest in running technology, including a stretchy, waterproof neoprene zip and velcro fastenings for easy access. The shoe likewise packs ZoomX foam cushioning for optimum energy return from each stride, as well as the all-important reflective elements for low light running. This shoe is the real deal when it comes to stylish and safe running shoes.

Nike Reflective Running Shoe Courtesy of Mr Porter


5. IllumiNITE Reflective Pant

If you are running in the city, car lights will tend to be low beams. For a runner, this means the lights won’t stray higher than the waist/chest, making it highly important to have reflective gear below the waist. These spandex pants have a whole 360 degree reflective calf area that lights up and the material is supplemented with windproof polyester to keep the wind chill out. Plus, they are made in the US and are machine washable.

Illuminite Reflective WindBrite Pant in Graphite/Black Courtesy of Illuminite


6. Polo Ralph Lauren Reflector Ankle Socks

These pack of three are perfect for nighttime running in the summer. The branded detailing is reflective and will sit above your sneakers to give an illuminated blurring light at your feet. They are constructed of a stretch-knit polyester and spandex, making them affordable and no bother to wash.

Polo Ralph Lauren reflective socks Courtesy of Nordstrom


7. Safety Skin Reflective Skin Spread

Compared to some other products listed, the skin spread won’t be subject to extra weight, chafing, rubbing or wind drag. It is the lightest, least invasive form of visibility enhancement out there. The hypoallergenic wax base allows natural perspiration, provides rain and sweat resistance and the ingredients have been proven to be safe on the skin.

Safety Skin Reflective Paint Running Courtesy of Amazon


8. YOA Reflective Band

These stretch-fit reflective bands are visible from up to 700 feet away. They are a simple and affordable way to become visible at night if you don’t want to invest in a totally new kit for night running. Just slip them onto your arm or ankle and dash off into the night.

YOA Reflective Running Gear Courtesy of Amazon


9. Proviz Reflect360 Running Gloves

When it comes to reflective gear, you can lay your confidence in a brand that dedicates their name to that very goal. These gloves might be black, but the five strips on the top of the glove will ensure you are well lit up jogging in the cover of darkness. And as the name suggests, these gloves have 360-degree reflection.

Proviz Reflective Gloves Running gear Courtesy of Amazon


10. Reflective Night Running Vest

The good old-fashioned reflective vest. When in doubt, toss thing on. What’s great about the ever-faithful vest, is that you don’t have to compromise your already perfected running gear setup with less-than-comfortable items. And yet, you still get the visibility you’re after.

AUOON Reflective Running Vest Courtesy of Amazon