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Amazon’s Best-Selling Smart Scale Is Just $20 Right Now to Help Start Your New Year’s Goals

It’s January 4 and if you’re like most modern-day Americans, you’re likely on some sort of fitness journey right now. Whether you’ve finally signed up for that gym within walking distance, picked up the best adjustable dumbbells on Amazon or simply eating healthier with a weight-loss meal delivery service, you’re going to need something to track your fitness efforts this year. But, how? Well, with a smart scale, of course.

But, there’s one issue when it comes to smart scales: they’re incredibly expensive. Our typical favorite, the Withings Body Cardio Smart Scale, costs buyers as much as $180 at times. While this is a superb option in total, it might not be the smartest for your wallet. That’s why we’re freaking out about this brand-new deal available on Amazon. You can currently purchase Amazon’s #1 best-selling smart scale for just $20. What a way to ring in the new year, right?

Courtesy of Amazon

The RENPHO Smart Scale is a serious performer when it comes to Amazon products. With over 220,000 5-star ratings in total, this is currently the smart scale to beat. And, at 43% off for just $20? Sheesh, nothing’s going to beat that right now.

This scale looks like your average bathroom buddy, but it can do way more than the scale you purchased in 2005. Visually, you’ll see the body weight number on the physical scale, but on the app, users will have the option to check body composition data (including your weight, of course), BMI and body fat percentage. These are all stored within the app so you can track your journey from anywhere.

Courtesy of Amazon

One problem that we see in a lot of smart scales is that typically, they’re built for one person. The RENPHO Smart Scale is built for multiple profiles, weighing as many folks as you want o help a number of different people’s fitness journeys. You can even weigh babies with a special baby weighing mode.

All of this for just $20 feels totally fake, but we can assure you, this is the real deal. Pick up the RENPHO Smart Scale today and get your fitness journey started.