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The Pros and Cons of Using Resistance Bands

* Resistance bands have become very popular recently
* They offer a huge variety of low-impact, low-stress exercises
* Ideal for home gyms and travel

Resistance bands have become a favorite with personal trainers, fitness geeks, and normal gym-goers over the past few years. They’re just a loop or cord of elastic (with varying thicknesses), making them incredibly simple, affordable, and versatile — if you know how to use them. However, because they’re so simple, it can be hard to know what you’re supposed to do with them, and whether or not they’re just another fitness fad.

The basic benefit of resistance bands is that they don’t require you to hold extra weight, but still provide the resistance that strengthens and tones muscles. This allows you to exercise more muscles (sometimes more effectively) than heavyweights that can often put stress on the body. Also, you don’t necessarily have to learn new exercises with resistance bands. They can be used for basic movements like curls, and can also offset your body weight in exercises like pull-ups.

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Plus, resistance bands are incredibly convenient for traveling or for home workouts, as they weigh next to nothing and fit in a tiny suitcase or drawer. Because they’re so simple, they’re also far less expensive than other gym equipment.

The only downside to resistance bands is that they can be a little slow or quiet for some tastes. Resistance band exercises don’t require explosive movements, high intensity, or, say, a trail to explore. However, if high-intensity workouts are more your speed, resistance bands are still a great way to warm up or work on an injury.

Below are some of the highest-rated resistance band sets on Amazon. Each includes a booklet of workouts to get you started and costs under $20.

1. Limm Resistance Bands (Set of 5)

With over 4,000 reviews and 4.5 stars, this set of resistance bands comes very highly recommend. You get five loops of varying thickness, providing the huge range of exercises that you’ll find in the included guide.

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2. Fitness Insanity Resistance Band Set

This set of resistance bands comes with handles, anchors, and straps that offer great versatility, and many heavy exercises for building muscle. They also come very highly-rated and make a great addition to any home gym.

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