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Review: Power Plate Tools Brings Targeted Vibration to Your Fitness Routine

Power Plate fitness technology shook onto the scene more than a decade ago, offering products that relied on one central concept — a whole lot of shaking benefits your workouts. The company’s designers use their proprietary PrecisionWave Technology to send vibrations 25 to 50 times per second into the body. The proposed result is muscles must work harder and tighten up their function under that vibration, increasing calorie burn and workout efficiency with any variety of regular exercises.

The first Power Plate products were more oversized, floor-mounted platforms on which a fitness devotee could stand and work out. Whether doing pushups, squats or abs, the vibration makes the exercise more intense and, presumably, more effective.

In recent years, Power Plate introduced smaller fitness tools including massage guns and vibrating rollers for more targeted use. Here you’ll find a quick look at some of these recovery aids and how the Power Plate vibration theories come into play.


Power Plate Pulse

The Power Plate Pulse is the largest of its massage gun options, pricing itself in the general price range for similar products at around $249. Its sound-proofed motor will keep any of its four intensity settings rolling for about four total hours of run time on a single charge.

The Power Plate Pulse kit arrives with six different massage attachments, including small flat, large flat, fork, thumb, small ball, and big ball. The type of injury, soreness, tightness, and muscle targeted dictates which massage head is in order. It’s easy enough to swap heads on the fly. 

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The free Power Plate app offers both workout routines and ways the Pulse massage gun can aid in post-workout recovery for the serious athlete.

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Power Plate


Power Plate Dualsphere

Our favorite product coming out of Power Plate is easily the Dualsphere. About the size of a Nerf football and shaped like an oversized silicone peanut, the Dualsphere has a groove running down its middle. That shape allows the user to position it against an elbow, under a knee, along the shoulders, etc. The contoured surface helps keep the device in place, while three intensity settings send the right vibration level through the injured or sore body part.

As one of the most affordable Power Plate recovery options (about $100), the Dualsphere could become a trusted companion — easing pain at home and on the road.

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Power Plate


Power Plate Mini+

If the Power Plate Pulse is too much kit or too large for users’ needs, the Mini+ offers a more compact version for targeted use. Half the size of the Pulse, the Mini+ doesn’t provide quite the same percussive power. Still, it includes two interchangeable massage heads and a rechargeable battery that offers five hours of use per charge. When it’s time to juice up again, the USB-C connector lets you plug into power conveniently. Finally, its compact size is a benefit for travel use.

Even with all it has going, the Mini+ still feels like a stretch at $179.99. If you’re going to shell out that kind of cash, it might be best to just invest in the Power Plate Pulse. That is, of course, unless the smaller size is what you’re after in the first place. For the size, it does pack a might nice wallop for the price.

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